Stacks of Stones

One should always have a village where one can go. How beautiful its flowing fountain, animals, waking up with the sounds of birds, or the sapling planted as a child is a tree, everything is in the same place even after many years, or our past, which we say is old now, is valuable here.

While people age, things do not age, there is so much to tell; Every time you look at it, a different view in the window, unforgettable memories are beautiful… I have never been able to look at the stars and go to sleep. Here you sleep with the stars on your chest, the sounds of birds that wake you up, the sounds of leaves mixed with the wind or that loud rooster, you say good morning.

When I said I am very happy at the very center of life, I remembered the time I lived. Was I happy while visiting the stores in the shopping malls, in the houses made of big stone piles, the moon and stars that I could not see at night made me happy, or was it in the expensive places I went to? If this is happiness, what is the name of the feeling I am experiencing in my village right now? I can not find. I have indescribable feelings. I eat Anne's bread, yogurt, cheese and butter every morning. While looking forward to watching the stars every morning on the roof, on the (dam) balcony; I want morning every evening. My days like this have passed without realizing it, and I am happy. Is there any limit to my happiness? How far will I get away from nature and greenery that we are isolated every day? In which cafe restaurant can I enjoy drinking the evening tea with the turtle in the vineyards, or what view makes me so happy.

I told what I experienced, these are not things that can be experienced by describing them with words and sentences. You cannot understand, you have to lie in the same place as me, breathe the same air, look at the same view, taste the same foods and feel the same pleasure. Actually, I can't explain it to you by writing it like this. If you woke up right where I wake up right now, you would understand me...

I can tell you by writing, I say you don't just read, live...

May your happiness and peace always taste like the scent of chamomile...

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