Foods You Should Consume For A Glowing Skin


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Doesn't your skin shine even though you have tried many cosmetic products? Did you know that the real secret is not what we put on our face, but the foods we consume?

It's Easier To Have A Radiant Skin

The skin begins to lose college after the age of 25. It is not possible to stop this, but it is possible to download a little. What you need to do first is plenty of water and a healthy diet. Many vitamins are good for the skin, let's first look at which ones are more useful.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very useful for repair, new cell formation and maintenance of tissues. It is one of the vitamins that have anti-aging and reducing signs of aging. Vitamin A, which is present in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, is most abundant in carrots, apricots, melons, sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

C vitamin

Vitamin C, which is effective in removing superficial fine lines and wrinkles on the skin, is also a very good antioxidant for the body. In particular, it prevents the tightening of the skin. The most known of the fruits and vegetables with high Vitamin C; Lemon, tangerine, orange and grapefruit

Vitamin E

As the skin loses collagen, it begins to dry out. This is where Vitamin E comes into play, which plays an important role in moisturizing the skin, and at the same time makes the skin look soft and radiant. Among the foods containing Vitamin E, butter, eggs, meat and meat products come first.


If you have acne-prone skin, products containing zinc are for you. In particular, it minimizes the oil production of the skin and regulates the hormones that produce acne. If your skin is spotty, it is a sign of zinc deficiency. Among the foods containing zinc; pumpkin seeds, walnuts, oats and ginger.


It is an antioxidant responsible for tissue elasticity. It repairs the sun-damaged parts of the skin and protects against skin cancer. Foods containing plenty of selenium; wheat germ, garlic, walnuts, eggs, brown rice, whole grain bread and salmon.


Dry skin wrinkles prematurely. It is thought that consuming foods with high water content such as watermelon, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, apricot, pomegranate and avocado is as important as drinking plenty of water daily in maintaining the moisture balance of the skin.

Foods You Should Consume For A Glowing Skin

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