Commonly Known Mistakes in Facial Aesthetics

Commonly Known Mistakes in Facial Aesthetics
Commonly Known Mistakes in Facial Aesthetics

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When it comes to aesthetics and beauty, it is seen that the applications made to our face area are in the first place. However, different information on these subjects leads to confusion and question marks. Because false information and information, which is considered superstition in aesthetic facial surgery, can bring requests, expectations and results to a completely different point. Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Küçükçelebi points out that plastic and aesthetic surgery is a very important field and procedures that are not performed in the right hands can bring complications and undesirable results. At the same time, people who will have facial aesthetics should have realistic expectations, Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Küçükçelebi draws attention to the superstitions about facial aesthetics, that is, the mistakes that are thought to be true.

Cosmetics – aesthetic and plastic surgery are the same thing

Although they have similar aspects, both applications differ from each other. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is defined as a field of medicine where surgical and medical techniques are applied in order to make the face and body appearance better and more beautiful. There is generally no dysfunction in the areas where it is applied on the body. At the same time, since the purpose is to beautify, it is done depending on the person's request. In plastic surgery, on the other hand, it is aimed to restore the function of areas whose function and appearance have become unnatural, together with the appearance. Classically, aesthetic surgery is considered as a special and optional field of plastic surgery.

An unnatural appearance is obtained after facial aesthetics

It is aimed to achieve a natural result in all aesthetic interventions. In order to achieve this, the plastic surgeon needs to get a natural result by evaluating the patient's anatomy, old appearance and wishes in a balance. Most of the time, this goal is achieved. Unnatural results, on the other hand, usually occur in people who are not well planned or operated, or when the wishes and aesthetic concerns of the patient and surgeon push the natural limits.

It is a procedure usually performed for cosmetic purposes.

The most important reason that makes aesthetic operations different from plastic operations is that aesthetic operations are optional and aesthetic concerns are at the forefront. Reconstructive and functional reasons outweigh for plastic surgery. However, the common goal in both is determined as not to cause dysfunction in the operation and to ensure the dominance of a natural aesthetic understanding.

A brand new face can be created with facial surgery

Since the biological age and healing capacity of the face to be made with aesthetic surgery are certain, a new face is not created. Only a younger looking face can emerge.

“With my new face, I will also be able to fix the problems in my life.”

Explaining that it is a common mistake to think that some of the problems we encounter in our lives can be solved by having plastic surgery, Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Küçükçelebi said, “Problems have many causes and psychodynamics. Binding them only to the skin is often not applicable. Operations performed with this expectation can be disappointing in solving problems, even if the result is good. As a healthy and sensible person, it will be much more beneficial to see plastic surgery as a nice gift that we can give ourselves, rather than a problem-solver.”

No incision scars in facial aesthetics

The formation of scars in wound healing as a result of each surgical intervention is shown as a biological natural result. Therefore, incision scars may remain in aesthetic facial surgery. However, it is often not possible to predict exactly how the leave will be. In order to minimize scarring, the aesthetic surgeon follows the patient at the end of the operation after the surgical plan is made and takes the necessary precautions during the maturation of the scar.

It can only be done up to a certain age, not over 65

Plastic and aesthetic operations can be performed at any age as long as the health of the person allows. In general, the anatomical development of the area to be operated for aesthetic operations is expected to be completed. However, for minors, the first thing to talk about is the parents. Some reconstructive operations can be performed at any age in order to solve problems that will prevent development and function. As a result, it can be applied to everyone except those who cannot make their own decisions in a healthy way due to psychological discomfort or age and are not healthy for those over 65 years old.

It is permanent and helps to prevent aging

Aesthetic facial operations certainly do not prevent biological aging. It just makes us look more rested, younger. However, the results obtained with a well-done aesthetic operation can be effective for a lifetime. In other words, it is possible to age by following the biological age behind with a younger and rested appearance.

It is very painful and therefore very difficult after the operation.

The fear that post-aesthetic surgery will be painful is one of the most worrying issues for many. Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Küçükçelebi says, “However, with the innovations in surgical techniques and technological developments, serious and uncomfortable pain or troubles have left their place to a less painful and comfortable post-operative period.” Here, since each patient's psychological structure, expectations, perceptions and body reactions are different, the extent of discomfort and pain may vary from person to person.

Plastic surgery is a very risky procedure.

It is a known fact that there are some risks in aesthetic surgery, as in other surgical branch operations. These can be simple and temporary, as well as undesirable and unnatural appearances, scar formation, and even serious complications that can result in death. However, it is possible to minimize these risks with good evaluation and careful timing and planning. Moreover, the technologies used before and during the surgery ensure that the risks reach a controllable level.

Commonly Known Mistakes in Facial Aesthetics

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