Canan's “Behind the Kaf Mountain” exhibition is in digital environment

Canan's “Behind the Kaf Mountain” exhibition is in digital environment
Canan's “Behind the Kaf Mountain” exhibition is in digital environment

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Canan's exhibition “Behind the Caf Mountain”, which took place at Arter between September 12, 2017 and February 18, 2018, was transferred to digital media in three dimensions.

As a result of Arter's collaboration with the Oddviz collective, Canan's exhibition “Behind the Caf Mountain”, which attracted great attention, was documented in three dimensions using digital imaging techniques.

The photogrammetry technique that Oddviz used while creating the three-dimensional model of the exhibition is based on combining hundreds of photographs of an object taken from different points on the axis of spatial coordinates. The collective, consisting of Çağrı Taşkın, Serkan Kaptan and Erdal İnci, took regular shots every week since the opening of the exhibition and combined thousands of photographs they took in digital environment, taking into account the spatial ties between the works. The exhibition, which includes two-dimensional works as well as large-scale installations using the space, was thus documented with the meticulousness of a cartographer.

Many installations produced by Canan, who created a mystical, symbolic, surprising and very attractive universe in the exhibition “Behind the Qaf Mountain”, will continue to meet with the audience in digital media. Taking its title from the legendary Mount Qaf of Arabian and Persian cosmology, the exhibition suggested reading the artist's practice with the concepts of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Canan's new productions, based on dualities such as light/shadow, good/evil, internal/external, reality/imagination, light/darkness, and addressing the suppressed aspects of the human spirit, jinn, surreal creatures and archetypes, spread over three floors of Arter. These three floors can now be navigated by moving the mouse on computers with the following links displayed. You can make your digital exhibition tour with virtual reality (VR) glasses or in full screen HD settings.

Arter aims to remove the limits of time and space by carrying the exhibitions it will organize in the future to digital platforms with methods suitable for their content; It aims to offer alternative ways of accessing its exhibitions to its viewers, who for various reasons do not have the opportunity to visit Arter. 

The exhibition can be accessed digitally through the following links:

Floor 0: 

Floor 1:

Floor 2:

Canan's “Behind the Kaf Mountain” exhibition is in digital environment

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