Get Ready With Your Makeup Before Summer Comes


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There are color tones that express every season, these tones are also reflected in our make-up. Let's add some warmth to your make-up these days when cold weather is replaced by warm weather.

In our article, we have prepared a hello to summer make-up for you. Say hello to summer with warm make-up tones with a few suggestions and color tones. So, if you are wondering which tones and which lipstick should be preferred the most, continue reading our article. First of all, it is necessary to revise all the foundations we use in winter. You don't want to use bleached foundations in hot weather in summer. For this reason, choose thinned light foundations. As for the color issue, darker colored foundations should be used in summer than in winter. To achieve a bronze skin tone, you may prefer a few shades of dark foundations. Especially the illuminators to be applied on the cheekbones will definitely be the most favorite make-up material.

eyes in the foreground

This season, make-up will also be simplicity. Especially after you equalize your whole face and eyelids with powder, you can apply it to your eyelids from the pink of your blush, it adds color and provides vitality. But we should not miss a small detail, we are the ones who apply illuminator, especially under the eyebrows. In this way, your eyes and eyebrows will appear as a whole. In the meantime, don't forget to curl your lashes and apply mascara.

What tones should be applied to the lips

Remove all the dark lipsticks that are used by almost everyone in winter and that are very popular, and switch to more vibrant colors inspired by the spring and summer seasons. Although more matte lipsticks have been preferred especially recently, we recommend brighter and semi-matte lipsticks in summer.

Get Ready With Your Makeup Before Summer Comes

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