One-third of the World's Population is Obese


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President of the Turkish Obesity Research Association Prof. Dr. Volkan Yumuk emphasized that one of the most important stakeholders in the challenge of obesity is the health messengers who deliver the right information to the public, and said that the social square also plays an important role in this.

Pointing out that it is necessary to work on the prevention of obesity as well as its treatment, Yumuk said:

“While the obesity rates in the general population were 22 percent in studies conducted 15-20 years ago, this rate has reached 35 percent in recent studies. While a quarter of the population was obese, now a third has become obese. This is the same in Turkey and in Europe. Our success in obesity treatment is not very good. Because we cannot use all the weapons and components that we will use in the treatment. Obesity treatment is a team effort. There are many stakeholders in this team, such as physicians, dietitians, exercise specialists, psychologists, bariatric surgeons. This brings us to the concept of a regular working obesity center. In these centers, it is necessary to plan treatment according to the patient and, more importantly, to follow the patient during the treatment process. This is the case in treatments other than surgery as well as after bariatric surgery. This follow-up is for life. Unless you do this, the patient with obesity loses weight but cannot maintain it.”

“The main problem in obesity is malnutrition and sedentary life”

Turkish Diabetes Foundation President Prof. Dr. Temel Yılmaz, on the other hand, stated that the high technology developed in the 21st century provides people with a sedentary lifestyle and this brings obesity to the agenda.

Yılmaz said that when the body mass index is between 25-30, he is overweight, when it is over 30, he is obese, and when it is over 40, he is called morbidly obese, that is, lethally obese:

“The whole world has begun to realize that it is facing an obesity epidemic, especially starting with children, that it is a serious disease, not an aesthetic problem. When we rank them according to the causes of death, they are obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Obesity is the number one cause of death worldwide. Obesity is the underlying cause of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. On the medical side of obesity, metabolic diseases, nutrition and diabetes are inseparable. There should be no nutritional practice without a medical evaluation.

When we evaluate it medically, the main problem is malnutrition, the second is a sedentary lifestyle. The axis in all obesity prevention programs is based on active living. The main reason here is to ensure that people are fed properly. The child is going to school. While he eats decent family meals at home, he gets fast food at school. These strategies need to change. There is no treatment without the underlying cause of obesity. Correct nutrition strategies should be established in the fight against obesity.

Source: AA

One-third of the World's Population is Obese

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