Nutritional Habits in Children


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Balanced and adequate nutrition habits actually start in infancy. In this period, children need role models to acquire this habit. Children whose families have adequate and balanced nutrition have an advantage in this regard. Especially the mother, father and sibling who are picky eaters or do not eat breakfast unknowingly set an example for the other child.

How can I give my child eating habits?

If you want to give your child eating habits, we have a few basic suggestions. Prepare each Main meal at regular intervals every day. In this way, they will initially learn the concept of meals. Use a variety of nutritious foods when preparing main and snack meals. Make sure that there are healthy, sufficient and balanced plates.

Another important thing is to let your children use what and how much they want to eat and their physiological stimuli. To give an example, listen to a child saying he is full. Help him not to know different tastes and different cuisines.

Meals eaten with the family are important.

  • Some behaviors that seem simple to you can provide important and long-lasting benefits for your child. For this reason, family meals are very important for your child. Meals eaten regularly at home with the family are important for children to acquire correct eating habits. Conversations accompanying meals eaten together
  • To protect family integrity
  • Preventing social behavior problems at school and home
  • Increase in academic success
  • Adequate and balanced nutrition
  • It helps maintain normal body weight.

When work and school are busy, eating together becomes less common. You can plan family breakfasts or family dinners at least on weekends.

Involve Your Child in the Cooking Process

Children are curious. While using this curiosity in different directions, it can also be used to gain eating habits. Meals prepared together will cause your child to eat more happily. At the same time, certain behaviors such as observing you while you are doing something in the kitchen, how you break eggs, how you wash vegetables, etc. give them an idea about what kind of structure food has and how it is used.

Nutritional Habits in Children

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