Women's New Favorite Gel Nail Polish

Now, not only polish is applied to the nails, but instead there is gel nail polish, which is the new favorite of women. We have searched for you how to make this application, which is called nail design.

Women's New Favorite Gel Nail Polish

Every woman wants to have well-groomed hands, and if you want to have well-groomed and remarkable hands, you can apply nail polish designs to your nails, apart from applying nail polish. Gel nail polish designs are one of them. Most of the time, you can try these nail polishes that create an appearance of marbling art on your nails, which require effort and are applied using special nail polishes.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish?
First, do your nail manicure. Your nails should not be too short.
You can stick nail templates on the ends of your nails. This will allow easy application.
Choose the nail polish you will apply. Apply it on your nails gradually.
If you want, shape it with another nail polish. If you want, you can also stick them from glossy sticky papers.
After your process is finished, you can apply transparent nail polish so that it adheres well and does not lose the shape.

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