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Things to Know About Lactose

It is a type of food that provides countless benefits with many vitamins and minerals in milk, which cures almost every disease. The values in milk, which is an important source of nutrients, are not only for children, but also a nutritional element that should be consumed by everyone of all ages. Although the values in its reservoir are very useful for people, there are people who have complaints about milk, although they like to drink milk. Especially individuals who face bloating problems while drinking milk frequently express these problems. The reason for the bloating problem is due to the lactose found in milk. Immediately after consumption of lactose milk "lactose toleranceIt affects people who experience the problem called bloating.


Lactose, which is called milk sugar, is derived from the Latin words "lac" meaning milk and "oz" meaning sugar. The word "lactose", which is formed from these combinations, is a value that gives the taste of milk and is sweeter than milk. The bloating that occurs in people who consume milk is due to the effect of lactose. It is a situation where the lactase enzyme decreases rapidly during the time the body has made to digest lactose. There is no difference between regular milk and lactose-free milk. You can consume both types of milk, which are the same in taste and color. The only difference is that there is no added sugar in lactose-free milk. Lactose adds sweetness to milk due to the sweetener it gives to milk. In short, the function of lactose on milk is to make the milk sweeter. The sweetness of glucose and galactose is higher than lactose. If you experience bloating while drinking milk, you should drink milk slowly to get rid of this problem. Alternatively, you can consume kefir or soy milk.


Nausea may occur after consuming milk. Bloating in the stomach or abdomen. Gas pains and stomach pains may occur. The intestines may overwork to a higher degree than normal, meaning disorders may occur.

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