The most beautiful towns in the world with their unique nature and historical buildings

Big cities with their cultural diversity and entertainment have always attracted people who want to visit. However, small towns from all over the world have started to attract the attention of tourists with their unique nature, historical structures, local flavors. 

Some of these towns are not very well known and some of them host a lot of visitors every period. Some of the world towns, including 5 towns from Turkey, are as follows:

Five villages in one: Cinque Terre

The romantic town of Italy with its rugged coastline…

Located between Genoa and La Speiza, the Cinque Terre is of iconic significance, describing its five village communities.

The town, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, consists of a combination of colorful villages. These villages are listed as follows: Monterosso, Vermezza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Cinque Terre attracts tourists with its preserved architecture and stunning paths. The town, where a day trip would not be enough, is known for its seafood.

Combination of blue and white: Oia

Santorini, one of the most preferred islands of the Aegean, consists of two parts, Fira and Oia. The town of Oia is one of the most famous towns of Santorini with its special atmosphere and natural beauties.

Known for its quiet life and sunset view, the village with sea-view churches is in the foreground with its blue roofs. When the whiteness of the buildings come together with these blue roofs, a magnificent view emerges.

Oia, where many art galleries are located, also contains museums from the ruins of the Venetian castle. 

'Saudarkrokur' with its volcanic formations

Iceland, the island country of the Atlantic Ocean, and the town of Saudarkrokur in the north of the country…

Saudarkrokur, the second largest town in the country, has a population of 2,600. It draws attention with its volcanic formations and natural beauties.

The center of the town of Saudarkrokur is also very interesting. In particular, the Minjahusid Folk Museum has a small collection of traditional buildings.

Blacksmiths, carpenters, watchmakers… All of them have been operating on the town's main street since the early 1900s.

Norwegian fishing village: Reine

The small Norwegian town of Reine, which not many have heard of, is located in the western part of Lofoten. The town, which is home to approximately 300 households, is also known as the "fishing village".

Those who come to the town, which is the choice of those who want to camp under the northern lights, can stay in old, red fishermen's houses called rorbu.

Those who want to spend time completely intertwined with nature choose Reine. Silence, peace, oxygen… In Reine, the colors of nature and the town are in harmony.

A scenic town among the Alps: Wengen

Located in central Switzerland, Wengen is a scenic town in the city of Bern. The town, which is 1,274 meters above sea level, attracts attention especially in winter.

In the town, chalets and magnificent natural landscapes provide a unity. It is also known for being home to the highest train station in Europe. Located between the Alps, the town is closed to traffic.

 England's iconic symbol: Bibury 

Bibury is a town in Gloucestershire, England. One of the most beautiful small towns in Europe, Bibury is located on both banks of the River Coln, a tributary of the River Thames.

The typical Cotswold town of Bibury was described by the English poet and painter William Morris as "the most beautiful town in England".

The town's cottages are the most photographed in the country. The houses called Arlington Row are one of the iconic symbols of the town.

“Welcome to Hobbiton!”

Matamata, which also includes the New Zealand Hobbiton Village, where Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies were shot, is a town in the valleys.

“Welcome to Hobbiton!” at the entrance to the integrated Matamata and Hobbiton Village. includes the sign. Known as "The Shire" in the movies, this town has Hobbit cave houses and fairy-tale cottages. 

The town where Bagginsler, who is also a movie set, embarked on an adventure with Gandalf, makes its visitors experience the spirit of the movie again.

 'Sirince' with its stone streets and white houses

The towns of the Aegean stand out with their natural structures and warm environments. Şirince, which is 8 kilometers from İzmir Selçuk, is a town established among the mountains.

With its stone streets of olive trees and white houses with bay windows, Şirince is an alternative travel route to the stressful life of the city. Şirince, an old Greek settlement, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists today.

'Sidi Bou Said' with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean

Sidi Bou Said is a town in northern Tunisia facing the Mediterranean. Located 20 kilometers from the city center, the town is an escape route for locals and tourists.

A panoramic view of the Mediterranean can be observed from Sidi Bou Said, a charming town with its small shops and cobblestone pavements. 

At the same time, the town, which attracts attention with its white houses and blue embroidered doors, is also known as the town of writers and artists. 

French painter and musicologist Rodolphe D'erlanger spent a certain period of his life in this town. The Ennejma Ezzahra Palace, built here by D'Erlanger, is the center of music. 

The cowboy town according to the locals: Narsaq

Known for its mineral deposits in Greenland, Narsaq is a farming town located in the fjord (steep gulf). There are so many horses in the town that the locals describe themselves as "cowboys".

With a population of around 1,500, the town is Greenland's youngest town, founded in 1959. The rare mineral ore, which is found in very few places in the world, attracts attention with its minerals and rocks.

'Safranbolu' with old Turkish houses

Safranbolu, a touristic town of Karabük, is located 8 kilometers north of the district center. History BC. Hittites, Phrygians, Persians, Romans, Seljuks and the Ottoman Empire ruled in the town, which dates back to 3 thousand years.

Being intertwined with history, Safranbolu reflects the characteristics of Turkish society to its visitors from every angle. The town is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Safranbolu, known for its old Turkish houses, also attracts local and foreign tourists with its natural beauties.

Texas' little desert: Marfa

Located in Texas, USA, the town of Marfa became an arts center in 1971 when artist Donald Judd moved to the area. Hosting art festivals every year, Marfa is an escape for city dwellers. This town is also a small desert.

Home to many art galleries outside of Judd, Marfa's untouched nature, cute and small houses attract the attention of tourists.

Small town in Spain: Bandujo

Bandujo, located in the Asturias region of Spain, is also one of the medieval towns of the region.

The town, which attracts tourists with its history, nature and delicious food, is a suitable place for all kinds of outdoor activities. Bandujo has one of the most outstanding ecological roads in the country.

'Cunda Island' with its delicious food

Cunda (Alibey) Island, which is one of the favorite tourism centers of the North Aegean, welcomes local and foreign tourists with its old Greek houses, cobblestones, churches, papalina fish, Greek and Turkish cuisine with unique tastes, many of which are boutique hotels.

Taksiyarhis Church, which has been turned into a museum, and Lovers' Hill are the most visited places on the island. 

The town that shines at sunset: Ait Ben Haddou

32 kilometers from Ouarzazate, the capital of Morocco, Ait Ben Haddou is located in a valley at the foot of the mountains. The town is on the old caravan route somewhere between the Sahara and Marrakech.

The lands of the town, which is a natural set for Hollywood movies and TV series, glows at sunset. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Ait Ben Haddou is also a striking example of southern Moroccan architecture.

'Cumalıkızık' with its narrow streets and colorful houses

Cumalıkızık is one of the most colorful towns of Bursa. Cumalıkızık, a 700-year-old monumental town, is surrounded by fig and chestnut trees.

Famous for its houses, Cumalıkızık is also known for its Ethnography Museum and Monument Plane Trees. The town, which is the choice of those who want to get away from the city, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its clean air, narrow streets and village cafes.

'Alberobello' with Trulli houses

Alberobello, located in the Puglia region of Italy with its olive trees and the smell of the sea…

It is famous for its “Trulli” houses made of stones with cone-shaped roofs. The town, which hosts history and culture together, has also entered the UNESCO World Heritage List with these houses.

The white symbols painted with lime on the roofs are an indication of the status of the family living in it or what religious view it has.

French fishing town: Etretat

Famous for its white chalk cliffs towering above the Atlantic Ocean, Etretat is a small town in France. It is also known that the French writer Guy de Maupassant spent his childhood in the town.

Known for its old city center and cliffs, the fishing town attracts tourists with its natural beauties.

'Göreme' with its history dating back to the 4th century

Göreme, whose livelihood is tourism, is a town connected to Nevşehir. The old names of the town are listed as follows: Matiana, Korama, Maccan and Hunters.

Göreme valley and its surroundings, which are also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, have a magnificent view that has been completely eroded.

The history of the rocks in the town dates back to the 4th century. At the same time, the remains of traditional living spaces are also present in the town.

'Colmar' with its colorful houses

Colmar is the third largest town in the Grand Est region of northeastern France.

There are some special ruins from the past ages in the town, which attracts visitors with the Thur River to the east and the waterways extending beyond the forest hills. At the same time, the town attracts attention with its colorful houses.

With the Colmar War in 1945, the great states of the world fought for the town, which took its present form as the French.

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