Eyewear selection tips 2018

Eyeglasses selection tips 2018 The main factors to consider when choosing eyeglasses The shape of the frame should contrast with your face shape. The dimensions of the frame should be proportional to your face dimensions. Your pupils should be perfectly centered on the frame.

Eyewear selection tips 2018

When choosing the color of the frame, you should choose the color tones you prefer in your clothes, as well as your hair and eye color. Thus, you will not have any problems when combining.

Round Face Shape

If you have a full face without corners, equal in width and length, it means you have a Round Face Shape.

Our goal will be to choose frames that will make your face look thinner and longer. For this:

Choose angular frames.

You can make your face appear longer by choosing a thicker stem.

Avoid glasses that are too round.

Oval Face Shape

It is considered the ideal face shape due to its balance. It easily carries almost all types of glasses.

Avoid frames that will distort the natural proportion of your face.

Make sure your frame choices are proportional to your face. Choose frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face.

Your glasses should not be so low or low that they disturb the balance of your face.

Rectangle/Square Face Shape

If you have a face type that can be rectangular or square, you have an angular face.

Our aim will be to soften these sharp lines of your face even more. For this:

You should use your frame preferences for round ones.

If you have a rectangular face shape, you can make your face appear shorter by choosing a thinner temple.

If you have a Square Face Shape, you can make your face appear longer by choosing a thicker stem.

Glasses called "Cat Eye" are perfect for angular faces!

Triangle Face Shape

If you have a narrow forehead and a wide chin, it means you have a Triangle Face Shape.

Our aim is to make your forehead look wide and your cheeks and chin areas narrow. For this:

Avoid low-neck models and patterned glasses.

Glasses without a bottom frame and glasses that are in line with the temples and wide should be preferred.

Heart Face Shape

The face gradually narrows towards the cheeks and chin.

Our goal is to choose glasses that will make your wide forehead look narrower. For this:

Frames should show the line below eye level wide and balance your narrow chin. For this, choose frames with a wider bottom.

Low-neck glasses will create a more balanced image.

It would not be the right move to choose patterned and thick-framed glasses and draw attention to your facial features.

Diamond(Rhombus) Face Shape

It is a rare face shape. The forehead, eye level and chin are narrow, the cheekbones in between are high and prominent.

Our aim is to make your forehead and chin look wide and your temples narrow. For this:

Choosing frames with a prominent upper edge will make your forehead look wider.

The frame can be flat or round.

Avoid low-neck glasses.

Glasses selection tips

Glasses with clear bridges if your eyes are too close to each other; If you have split eyes, you should use dark and thick bridged glasses.

If you have a wide forehead, wide frames in height; If you have a narrow forehead, the upper corners should be such that they do not cover the eyebrows.

If you have a long nose, your choice should be for glasses with low and straight bridges.

If you have a long face, you should choose low-neck glasses, and if you have a short face, you should choose high-neck glasses.

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