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You Lose Your Beauty in the Shower


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It is important for those who shower every day to pay attention to some small tips to protect their skin health and beauty. Although frequent showering is not recommended by experts because it lubricates the scalp, it is worth saying that it helps open clogged pores in the body. With the right techniques to take a shower It also helps the body relax and relieve the stress of the day.

Be sure to peel

Peeling in the shower Doing so is one of the most basic steps. The skin does not need to be oily or dry. Peeling is extremely important in order to get rid of dead cells from the skin, accelerate blood flow and activate the cells.

Those with a sensitive skin type should be careful when choosing such products and massage without rubbing too much. Regular use of peelings, which are generally organic and consist of small particles, helps eliminate the appearance of cellulite after a while. Especially those with oily skin, choosing such products helps purify their skin.

Choosing a moisturizer suitable for your skin: In order for the peeling process to be successful, it is important to choose a moisturizer suitable for the skin. Depending on your skin type, it is beneficial to buy creams that contain intense and organic products.

Reduce Shower Time to Get Rid of the Feeling of Dryness 

One of the biggest misconceptions about showering is washing with hot water. Especially during the winter months, men and women say that they feel better by staying in the shower with hot water for hours.

However, after a while, hot water causes the upper layer of the body to erode and cause a feeling of dryness. Taking a shower with warm or cold water for less than 15 minutes helps accelerate the body's blood flow. In this way, skin cells are activated and problems such as slowing down metabolism are minimized.

beauty in the shower To make the most of the opportunities, use warm water, the right products for the body and constantly peeling It is extremely important to do.

You Lose Your Beauty in the Shower

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