The Power of Argan Oil: The Magic Touch for Hair Beauty


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Beauty enthusiasts know that argan oil is an essential product for healthy, moisturized and shiny hair. Derived from the kernels of the argan tree native to Morocco, this oil is packed with nutritional ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. In this way, it meets the needs of the hair and provides it with extra care.

The benefits of argan oil include providing moisture for the relief of those suffering from dry skin or dandruff, reducing inflammation, and protecting against heat without drying out the hair. Dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD, FAAD, states that argan oil is rich in vitamins D and E and recommends the use of this oil for hair health. He also adds that argan oil gives shine to the hair by preventing breakage and frizz problems at the ends of the hair.

One of the key advantages of argan oil in promoting hair growth is that it contains compounds called phenols, which nourish the scalp and support healthy hair follicles. This helps the hair grow faster and also helps protect it from breakage.

Argan oil can be suitable for all types of hair, but frequency of use may vary depending on hair texture. Those with thick hair can use it daily, while those with fine hair should use it once or twice a week. When applying argan oil to hair, it is important to choose the right amount according to the hair type. While a small amount may be sufficient for fine hair, using more may be more effective for thick or curly hair.

There are very few downsides to using argan oil on the hair and scalp in general. However, those with tree nut allergies are advised to avoid using it to avoid irritation. Additionally, there are experts who state that excessive use of argan oil can make the hair look oily, so correct use is important.

There are various ways to use argan oil. You can use this oil on its own as an oil or in products such as masks, hair serums or shampoos. If you want to improve hair length and health, a scalp-sitting argan oil mask may be recommended. Also, if you just want shine or heat protection, you can choose a hair oil that contains argan oil and apply this oil to damp or dry hair. Applying to damp hair can help nutrients penetrate deeper and dry hair faster.

The Power of Argan Oil: The Magic Touch for Hair Beauty

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