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Effects of Technology Use in Children on Mental Health


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Technology Use in Children: Today, technology has become an important part of children's lives. Smartphones, tablets, computers and other digital devices have become common tools that children use for many different purposes, from education to entertainment. However, how much and how children use this technology can have significant impacts on mental health. In this article, we will examine the effects of technology use in children on mental health from a pedagogical perspective.

Pros of Using Technology

Technology can enrich children's learning experiences. Educational apps and games can help them achieve a variety of learning goals, from math to reading skills. Additionally, children can interact more with the world and explore different cultures and perspectives through technology.

Technology can also teach children problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity skills. Games, in particular, can help them develop strategy and collaboration skills.

Negative Effects of Technology Use

However, overuse or misuse of technology can negatively impact children's mental health. Here are some possible effects:

  1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Constantly focusing on screens can lead to attention deficit and hyperactivity in children.
  2. Social Isolation: Excessive technology use can reduce children's face-to-face social interactions and cause social isolation.
  3. Sleep Problems: Technology use late at night can cause children to have insomnia, which can lead to emotional problems that can harm mental health.
  4. Dependence: Technology addiction can lead children to neglect activities of daily living and lack independence.
  5. Digital Threats: Dangers on the internet can threaten children's mental health. Exposure to offensive content or cyberbullying can lead to psychological problems.

Balanced Use and Training

From a pedagogical perspective, it is important to encourage children's balanced use of technology. Families and educators should teach children how to use technology effectively. Here are some pedagogical approaches:

  1. Limited Screen Time: It is important to limit daily screen time for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends one hour or less of daily screen time for children ages 2 to 5.
  2. Educational Use: Encouraging the use of technology for educational purposes can improve children's learning experiences.
  3. Family Participation: Families should supervise children's use of technology and interact with them.
  4. Digital Literacy: It is important to educate children on issues such as digital safety, online dangers and cyberbullying.
  5. Physical Activity: It is important to encourage children to also spend time on physical activities to balance their use of technology.

Suggestions for the Future

In this article where we discuss the effects of technology on children's mental health, we can also review some future suggestions:

  1. Research and Education: Pedagogues, psychologists, and health professionals should conduct more research on the mental health effects of children's technology use. Educators should raise awareness by providing families and society with more information about the proper management of technology use.
  2. Training Programs: Schools and educational institutions should develop educational programs that include topics such as digital citizenship and media literacy. These programs should support children in using technology effectively and safely.
  3. Family Guidance: It is critical that parents help children manage their use of technology. Families should communicate openly, understand children's online interactions and protect them against digital dangers.
  4. Example Behaviors: Adults should set an example for children. If parents and teachers use technology in a balanced and beneficial way, children can develop a similar attitude.
  5. Various Experiences: Technology can enrich children's experiences, but it should not deprive them of other experiences. Various experiences such as physical activities, interaction with nature, arts and crafts skills also contribute to the mental development of children.

To make technology more useful for children, you can apply the following methods:

  1. Use Educational Apps: Mobile applications and software designed for educational purposes can enrich children's learning experiences. You can use such applications to teach subjects such as mathematics, language, and science in a fun way.
  2. Content Control: You can use family protection software to control the content your children can access. These software allow children to access age-appropriate content and block harmful content.
  3. Social Media Awareness: Consciously educate your children about the advantages and dangers of social media. Tell them about social media privacy settings and rules of online conduct.
  4. Limit Screen Time: Set a specific daily screen time limit to ensure kids avoid excessive screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers guidelines that families can use to control children's screen time and content.

The effects of technology use on mental health in children is a complex issue. With a pedagogical approach, it is possible to ensure that children use technology consciously and balancedly. Parents, teachers, and the community must work together to guide children in using technology in a healthy way. Although technology offers useful tools for children's education and entertainment, we should not forget that it is a tool whose use must be carefully supervised.

Effects of Technology Use in Children on Mental Health

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