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Children's Adjustment Problems and Ways to Cope with the Process of Starting School


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The process of children starting school is an important turning point in their lives. This is an exciting time for both children and their families, but it can also bring some adjustment problems. The adaptation problems experienced by children during the start of school may vary depending on the child's age, personality and experiences. In this article, we will examine the adaptation problems that children may encounter during the school start process, their causes, and how to deal with these problems.

Adjustment Problems During the Starting School Process

  1. Separation Anxiety: The process of starting school means that the child moves away from family members. This can lead to a condition called separation anxiety. The child may be anxious about being separated from his or her family, and this may cause resistance to going to school.
  2. Social Adaptation Problems: When they start school, children have to make new friends and establish social relationships. This can be a stressful experience for some children and they may have trouble establishing friendships.
  3. Academic Challenges: Starting school is the beginning of the process of learning academic skills. Some children may have difficulty adjusting to this new learning experience. Some children may experience anxiety when trying to learn skills such as reading, writing and math.
  4. Problems Complying with the Rules: Complying with the rules and discipline systems set by schools can be problematic for some children. Children who have difficulty following the rules may experience problems in their relationships with teachers and other students.
  5. Physical Adaptation Problems: Starting school requires physical adaptation for children. Physical difficulties may be experienced, such as waking up early in the morning, attending classes that require sitting for long periods of time, and adapting to physical activities.

Causes of Compatibility Problems

There are many factors that may cause children to have adaptation problems when starting school. These factors may vary depending on the child's age, experiences, family structure and personal characteristics. Below, we will discuss in detail the common reasons that may cause adaptation problems that children experience when starting school.

  1. Separation Anxiety: Children may face concerns about separation from their families as they start school. This is especially common for children starting school for the first time. Their families and homes are a safe and familiar environment for children, so going to school can lead to separation anxiety. Children may be afraid of being separated from their families and therefore may resist going to school.Coping Strategies: To deal with separation anxiety, families should explain to their children the reasons why they go to school, support them, and emphasize that school is a safe place. It may also be helpful to gain the child's trust by starting with short-term separations to smooth the process of adjusting to school.
  2. Language Barriers: Insufficient language skills may cause children to have problems adapting to school and achieving academic success. Language is a fundamental means of learning and is important for communication, learning and social interaction in school. Children with language barriers may have difficulties with classroom interactions or understanding learning materials.Coping Strategies: For children with language barriers, school support services or specialized language therapy may be provided. Additionally, it is important for families to help their children improve their language skills. Supporting a child's ability to switch between two languages at home and at school can help them overcome language barriers.
  3. Previous Experiences: Previous bad school experiences can cause children to develop a negative attitude towards school. These experiences may cause the child to become resistant to school or experience anxiety. Stories of bad teachers or negative experiences with classmates can negatively impact a child's school start.Coping Strategies: To deal with such situations, families should help the child understand their previous experiences and consider how they can handle these experiences in a more positive way. Communication, reassurance and support are important to make starting school a positive experience.
  4. Family Stress: Stress and problems within the family can negatively affect the child's adaptation to school. Family conflicts, financial difficulties, or personal problems of family members can negatively impact a child's school experience. Family stress can harm children's emotional and mental health.Coping Strategies: Families should seek support to manage and reduce family stress. At the same time, one should establish open communication with children, pay attention to their emotional needs and provide support. It should not be forgotten that family problems may negatively affect the child's adaptation to school.
  5. Special Requirements: Some children may need special education or support. Children with physical, emotional or learning difficulties may have more difficulty adjusting to school. Children with such special needs need more attention and support.Coping Strategies: For children with special needs, schools and families should collaborate to provide appropriate support services. This can make the child's start to school easier. It is also important to raise awareness among other students to help them gain acceptance.

The adaptation problems that children experience when starting school can be caused by many different factors. Therefore, each child's needs are different and appropriate support and guidance should be provided with these needs in mind. Families, schools and the community working together to make starting school a positive experience for children can contribute to children's success.

Children's Adjustment Problems and Ways to Cope with the Process of Starting School

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