Kim Kardashian's New Step in the Entertainment Arena: 'The Fifth Wheel' Sold to Netflix!


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Kim Kardashian, one of the shining stars of the entertainment world, returns to the screens with a new comedy movie. As a result of a fierce bidding war won by Netflix, the movie "The Fifth Wheel" starring Kardashian became part of a remarkable deal. The talented team accompanying Kardashian in this project consists of experienced names such as Paula Pell and Janine Brito, whom we know from Saturday Night Live.

"The Fifth Wheel", which has a mysterious plot, arouses curiosity with its female cast, including Kardashian. However, the curious wait continues as to what kind of comedy experience the project will offer, with its co-stars not yet announced.

This production, in which Kim Kardashian will add a new one to her successes in the entertainment world, is also a project in which Kardashian will be at the forefront as a producer. Kardashian is expected to use her influencer status in the entertainment world to promote “The Fifth Wheel.”

The comedy movie "The Fifth Wheel" starring Kim Kardashian was purchased by Netflix, and this important development took place after an intense bidding war. The production, undertaken by Kardashian with her collaborators Paula Pell and Janine Brito, resulted in Netflix's victory after competition between five different companies. However, before the deal with Netflix was signed, two other companies backed out.

Paula Pell, who appeared on Saturday Night Live, is producing the movie “The Fifth Wheel” with Kardashian. Although the logline of the project is still kept secret, it is stated that Kardashian will appear in the film along with the female cast. However, their co-stars have not been announced yet.

Pell's wide-ranging writing career includes more than 300 episodes of Saturday Night Live between 1995 and 2020, and he has also appeared in notable projects such as 30 Rock. The Primetime Emmy award he received for Saturday Night Live crowns Pell's achievements.

Other co-writer Janine Brito's experiences include projects such as One Day at a Time, Girls5eva, Bless the Harts. This experienced team aims to produce an entertaining production with "The Fifth Wheel".

Kim Kardashian is known as the star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as well as her successful ventures with the underwear company Skims. Kardashian also starred alongside Emma Roberts in the final season of American Horror Story. Now he will be heavily involved in his role as producer and use his influencer status to promote “The Fifth Wheel.”

This deal stands out as one of the important sales that took place after the historic SAG-AFTRA strike that ended at the beginning of November. Netflix's acquisition of "The Fifth Wheel" can be considered as a strategic move to further increase the platform's influence in the entertainment world.

Kim Kardashian's New Step in the Entertainment Arena: 'The Fifth Wheel' Sold to Netflix!

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