The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Barcelona


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Antoni Gaudi and Barcelona

Among the many countries I have visited, I put Barcelona at the top of the list, with everything I admired. Another thing that fascinates me about Barcelona is dear Gaudi. Before writing about Bersolana, I would like to mention a few things about Gaudi, the doyen of architecture, who left great works of art to Bersolana.

Antoni Gaudi's full name is Antoni Plâcid Guillen Gaudí İ Cornet, I will call him Gaudi for short. Dear Gaudi was born on June 25, 1852, the son of a copper master in Spain. He started his architectural education in 1869. Barcelona, where he completed his education in 1878, was the center of all artistic activities in the city at that time and had a great impact on Gaudi's development. Gaudi was influenced by the ideas of French architect Eugere Violetle-Duc and British thinker Jon Ruskin, who said "ornamentation is the source of the architect". Gaudi, a devout Catholic, was a true Catalan nationalist. If you are coming to Barcelona, you will be most curious about Gaudi. All of the works I photographed below are unique and quite unusual, unlike the architectural works you have seen before. When you look at the works that Gaudi made inspired by people, animals and nature, you will understand what he wanted to show, even if you are not an architect.

I had the opportunity to visit some of his works. First of all, I want to talk about La Sagrada familia. This structure, consisting of 18 towers, was initially Gaudi's dream, but nowadays it has become Barcelona's dream. The world-famous basilica, built by Gaudi inspired by nature, admired not only by Barcelona but also by the world, has become one of the best temples in the world with its extraordinaryness. Its construction started in 1882. Although it was initially led by a French architect, Gaudi soon became its leader. From that date on, he devoted his whole life to this project and was interested in this project for 40 years. The most beautiful and impressive part is that he wanted to build the largest temple in Europe. As I mentioned at the beginning, all of the towers, which are thought to consist of 18 towers, are interpreted separately. Sagrada Familia was left unfinished after Gaudi's death and only four towers were completed. Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction, continues to be built with tourist tickets and donations.

Second Stop in Barcelona – Park Guell

I would like to say that each structure affects me differently. When I questioned why, I realized that each structure is not a continuation of each other. All of them are unusual and unique designs. Another one of these is undoubtedly Park Guell

A wonderful park that hosts fairytale-like designs. While walking around the park, I found myself in the fairy tales I read as a child. Sometimes we just dream. We dream dreams that are far from reality... Here is exactly the fairytale park that I mentioned, which is far from reality but just as real. So what was it about Park Guel that impressed me so much? The most important factor that impressed me is the fact that the ceramics with different architectural patterns are broken down and reassembled with different colors and patterns, giving the feeling of being in a dream with the reflection of the blue of the sky and the green of nature.

Park Gûell was initially started as a public housing in 1900 and was left unfinished with only two houses built. If you are going to Park Gûell, take your sandwiches, fruits and drinks with you. Have a small picnic in the forest with a view of Barcelona. While walking around the forest area, be sure to look at the point where the bird sounds come from. You will see birds that make Park Gûell even more beautiful with their colors and chirping.

After Sagrada Famila, Gaudi's other most visited structure in the city is Casa Mila. Casa Mila, one of the second most famous buildings in Barcelona, was built between 1906 and 1970.

Contrary to his current popularity, he received heavy criticism in Zaman. Casa Mila is built entirely of natural stones, so its color is as it appears. Although I liken its wavy exterior to the curves of sea waves, it is actually inspired by the curves of Montserrat Mountain. I definitely recommend you to visit this building, which has many more beauties to describe.

More will be in my next article…

Best regards…

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Barcelona

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