Activities to Do with Children

Activities to Do with Children
Activities to Do with Children

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The 5th Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial opens its doors on Thursday, April 19. The theme of this year's biennial, which can be visited until May 28, is 'Here and Now!'... The biennial, which will be opened to visitors at Beşiktaş MKM, is Turkey's largest art event for children and young people living both in Turkey and abroad.

This year, 7,250 children and young people from 10 countries will participate in the 'Here and Now!' show at the biennial. 480 projects produced with the theme will be exhibited and 65 workshops will be organized within the scope of the biennial. Each biennial exhibition devotes a week's time to focusing on children's rights, and a series of practical workshops, live performances, meetings, discussions and seminars are held throughout the biennial month. Small artists; 'Now and Here!' in many fields such as painting, sculpture, video art. There are striking works among the works he produced by questioning the concept.

'Here and Now!' What does it mean?

Sometimes, it's possible to look around us and realize what our life looks like in the here and now. Does the daily life you see reflect your own personal world? Can you be somewhere else at the same time, in your mind or in the virtual world? Can we look inside or outside? Is the past or future related to one's own experiences? How do we perceive time? Or is this an illusion? Is it irresponsible or reckless to just live in the moment? Does the value we place on nature and our strong bond remind us of its importance in our lives?


The biennial is planned to be expanded throughout Türkiye

Gazi Selçuk, Director of the 5th Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial, said the following about the biennial: “According to TÜİK data, Turkey's child and youth population under the age of 18 is 22 million 891 thousand 140 people as of the end of 2016. In order to reveal the creative potential of up to 23 million young people and children, the 'Child and Youth Art Biennial' project needs to be expanded throughout Turkey. New generations that express themselves under all circumstances, have developed self-confidence, are creative, can solve problems and, above all, have developed design skills are needed more than ever. No matter what profession our young people choose, whether they are managers, employers, teachers, doctors, technical personnel or masters, if they are equipped with these qualities, they will be individuals who make a difference in their field competing with the world and making high value-added contributions to the country's economy in every sector. ”


You can find information about the biennial at, and follow the news and events from the biennial on the social media accounts,,

Activities to Do with Children

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