The Importance of Mind and Intelligence Games in the Development of Children


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Mind and intelligence games can increase children's IQ rates and their logical thinking and problem solving skills. It is known that there is some research on this.

Children now have a life in which they can easily access Ipad, Iphone and all areas of technology. For this reason, the development of intelligence and consciousness is very rapid. They perceive everything in a very short time and can evaluate them differently. For this reason, the effects of mind and intelligence games on the development of children are very different. This issue occupies a very important place in child development.

Every family wants their child to receive the best education. However, some studies may be insufficient when only done at school. Parents who want to reveal their children's current capacity and develop different skills can easily benefit from mind and intelligence games while taking care of their children. Thus, they can safely develop their children's memory, strategic thinking, visual intelligence, logical thinking, innovative thinking and behavioral skills with different mind and intelligence games. According to a study conducted at Berkeley University, having children play various mind and intelligence games for one hour and fifteen minutes twice a week resulted in a 13-point increase in their IQ scores. The children's more logical thinking increased by 32 percent. (one)

Thanks to intelligence games, it is possible for children's brains to show high performance. In this way, they can make more logical and more accurate decisions. Thanks to intelligence games, children's comprehension, subconscious factor recognition and comprehension skills can be accelerated. While stating this, it is also necessary to say this. Brain teasers should be played sometimes alone and sometimes in a group. In both ways, the effect on the development of intelligence is extremely high. Of course, sometimes it is more beneficial to play individually and sometimes as a group. It has been observed that this way is more effective. (2)

So, what kind of responsibilities fall on the family while the child's brain develops with intelligence and mind games? Thanks to mind and intelligence games, families can get to know their children better and discover their children's skills in different areas. Thus, families can guide their children more effectively and even engage in a much more effective communication. While children's attention, focus and concentration increase with intelligence games, they become motivated and the parents can improve themselves together with the child. The communication he establishes with his child develops and a more understanding period begins.

Another importance of intelligence and mind games is to always offer a more effective working method to the child. In each different game, the child gets to know himself and learns to evaluate himself with his peers. Recognizes and understands how to improve himself in each game. He also learns to control himself. In her book Parenting Without Borders, Christine Gorss Loh explains the importance of always encouraging children to do activities that they can do better. For example, Japanese parents wrote that they attach importance to such mind and intelligence games and that they always encourage them to do better in cases where the child cannot do it or evaluates himself with his peers. According to Loh, it is no accident that the Japanese are the hardest working people. With these methods, they can raise a society that can work more efficiently and think more effectively. (3)

That's why it's important to encourage the child to do better. Mind and intelligence games also stand out as one of the frequently used methods in this regard. Intelligence games also increase children's future prediction and projection skills. In this case, the child is making better choices about education and learning life. He's making better friends.

Another important effect is that the child's ability to see the whole, not getting lost in the details, increases. Children, especially in our country, can get lost in many exams and success criteria, but in fact, the target is one and the target is one. This goal is the ultimate success and attaining the desired education and living the desired life. It is very important to stay in this whole. Therefore, your child's brain, supported by intelligence and mind games, will grasp such skills more easily and in a shorter time.


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3- Parenting Without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around the World Can Teach Us, July 2014

The Importance of Mind and Intelligence Games in the Development of Children

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