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5-6 May Event Calendar


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Upon popular demand, we have prepared a special activity program for mothers and children. What's in this chart? Theater play workshops, shows and many other things... We will be sharing with you every week where and what kind of events are available to provide a nice weekend for families who work during the week and spend the weekend with their children. We have prepared a small program for you this weekend. I hope you will like it.

At Akasya Acıbadem Avm

Special workshops were opened for children aged 5-13. Do not forget to reserve a place as soon as possible, as workshop participation is limited to quota. For more information akasyakultursanat.com You can visit.

at Emaar Square Mall

You can have a wonderful day with Legos this week at Emaar Aquarium, where the Lego Festival is held and a different event is held every week. Don't miss the date May 5-6!

At Akasya Acıbadem Avm

There are many beautiful theaters this week. You can get your tickets from Biletix.

At Halis Kurtça Children's Cultural Center

It tells the story of "Black Fish", which won acclaim with its theater book. To briefly talk about the story: “Little Black Fish, who lived in a small stream, was curious about different places and seas. One day he decided to go on this journey to realize his dreams. Little Black Fish, who went in and out of many adventures along the way, finally reached the open seas he dreamed of. We will leave you a link for detailed information and ticket prices. The Little Black Fish

Once Upon a Time Cafe

A wonderful cafe specially prepared for children, full of activities every day of the week. It appeals to both you and your child with its delicious treats, where you can have a good time and your children can participate in different activities.Birvarmısbiryokmuscafe.com You can get information by visiting.

5-6 May Event Calendar

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