What to Pay Attention to While Pregnant?

What to Pay Attention to While Pregnant?
What to Pay Attention to While Pregnant?

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Liv Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Tamer Sözen explained what should not be done during pregnancy.

Socks or tights that will not enclose the abdominal area and put pressure on the uterus should be preferred. Because as a result of the pressure, many pregnant women may have difficulty breathing while working, walking, or even talking.

It is necessary to avoid places with excessive heat such as Turkish baths, saunas and spas. Because high temperature values can cause teratogenic effects, that is, disabling effects, especially in the first 3 months of the baby's organ development.

Excessive coffee or tea should not be consumed. Especially the caffeine in coffee can be very harmful for pregnant women. You can drink Turkish coffee or filter coffee once a day. Decaffeinated coffee can be consumed more easily. Tea (including fruit teas) can be drunk as much as desired as long as it is not exaggerated.

The concept of “you should eat for two” is extremely wrong. This situation harms the health of mother and baby and makes weight control difficult. The ideal weight gain during pregnancy is 12 kg.

Expectant mothers should not consume alcohol and smoke. Smoking may cause developmental delay or miscarriage and premature birth. If taken in an alcohol-dependent manner, it may lead to fetal alcohol syndrome.

Exercise should not be done without consulting a professional. Instead, walking or swimming helps the pregnant person sleep better and builds endurance and resilience.

Processed food (sausage, salami, instant soup, chips, candies, etc.) and uncooked delicatessen products should not be consumed.

Neglecting to drink water is one of the biggest mistakes. The amniotic fluid containing the baby is a structure that constantly renews itself. Although drinking water does not increase amniotic fluid, its benefits should be taken into consideration. If possible, it is necessary to consume 2.5 liters of water a day.

During pregnancy, the mother should avoid excess sugar and sweets. Excess sugar, depending on gestational diabetes, can cause miscarriage, infant deaths, and causes the baby's birth weight to increase, putting pressure on the mother during birth.

Sweating and vaginal discharge increase due to pregnancy. Therefore, taking a bath every day both relaxes the expectant mother and ensures hygiene.

What to Pay Attention to While Pregnant?

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