Movies in Theaters for Cinema Lovers

Movies in Theaters for Cinema Lovers
Movies in Theaters for Cinema Lovers

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11 movies are being released in movie theaters this week. 8 of them are local…

“Love Doesn't Need Seeing Eyes”

Directed by Onur Ünlü; The movie "Love Doesn't Need Seeing Eyes", starring Demet Evgar, Fatih Artman, Hare Sürel, Ezgi Eyüboğlu, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu, Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Turgut Tuncalp and İncinur Daşdemir, meets the audience today.

The movie is a detective comedy whose script belongs to Onur Ünlü; It tells the story of a homicide detective who learns that he will be completely blind.


The movie "Murtaza", starring Cezmi Baskin and Meral Çetinkaya, will meet the audience.

The drama film directed by Özgür Sevimli; It tells the story of a man who hides the death of his daughters from his wife, who lost her sight years ago.


Directed by Beyza Çimenot; The horror movie "Tutsak", starring names such as Türkan Kılıç, Yaşar Aydınlıoğlu, Tayfun Sav, Umut Özkan, Reyhan İlhan, Ece Baykal and İbrahim Muratoğlu; It will bring a story set in a mental hospital to the big screen.


Directed by Dilek Çolak; “Nurse” starring Evren Duyal, Sermet Yeşil, Aytaç Öztuna, Sertaç Ekici and Serhat Özcan; It focuses on the story of a woman who has an unhappy marriage and finds solace in life by dieting.

“Student Mind: Robbery”

“Student Mind: The Robbery”, directed by Ayhan Sonyürek, tells the story of a group of university student friends attempting a robbery in order to shoot the science fiction movie they designed.

In the comedy youth movie; Rüzgar Erkoçlar, Beril Kayar, Tolgar Özaltındere, İlayda Fidanlık, Emel Çetin, Kaan Deringöl, Oben Onur, Merve Akaydın and Mustafa Gültekin are starring.

“My Hand is on You”

Directed by Banu Kaptanoğulları; “My Hand is on You” starring Seda Kement, Serkan Gürkan, Fatih Küçük, Gülşah Yavuz, Tayfun Sav and Belkıs Akçil; It features the ups and downs of the relationship of two young people.

“Oh no, I am becoming a mother”

“Oh, I'm Becoming a Mother” starring Camille Cottin and Juliette Binoche; It tells the story of a mother and daughter who learn that they are pregnant at the same time and do not get along well.

In the movie directed by young French director Noemie Saglio; Camille Cottin and Juliette Binoche, who play the mother and daughter in the leading roles, are accompanied by Lambert Wilson and Catherine Jacob.


Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly star in the thriller "10×10", directed by Suzi Ewing.

A man who lost his wife suspiciously in a hospital; While waiting for the hospital nurse, whom he kidnapped and kept in a 10 square meter cell, to confess something, for revenge, he encounters much more serious truths.

“Selfie from Hell”

Erdal Ceylan is the director of the movie "Selfie from Hell", starring Alyson Walker, Tony Giroux, Meelah Adams, Ian Butcher, Shaun Morse.

Film co-produced between Germany and Canada; It revolves around the strange events that occur in the home of a young man living in the USA after his cousin comes from Germany.

“Mr. “Gay Syria”

Written and directed by Ayşe Toprak, “Mr. "Gay Syria" is about the experiences of two homosexuals as they try to reshape their lives.

“King Şakir Play Time” 

The local animated movie of the week, "Kral Şakir Oyun Zamanı", directed by Berk Tokay and H. Can Dizdaroğlu; It tells the story of Şakir and his family, who found themselves in the world of mobile phone games after a door was opened as a result of a laboratory experiment.

Source: AA 

Movies in Theaters for Cinema Lovers

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