Ways to Deal with a Stubborn Child


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Does your child constantly get stubborn with you? Does he always insist on getting his own way? The suggestions we have prepared for you may help you overcome this situation.

Recently, one of our readers said that his child is constantly stubborn in both his family and social life. He mentioned that when he doesn't get what he wants, he pulls himself into a corner and withdraws into himself. That being the case, we took this issue into consideration and did a little research. I hope this article will help parents experiencing similar problems.

We will tell you how to deal with this problem by quoting from a few books. First of all, in such cases, the age of your child is very important, age is at the forefront in both emotional and psychological development. The reason is that as children get older, they gain certain abilities and skills. Our reader's child is five years old. At this age, children have a developed sense of self and a desire to do something on their own. It manifests itself with such behaviors especially at this age.

For example,

  • They want to choose their own clothes.
  • They resist eating foods they don't want.
  • When he gets stubborn with you, his attitude towards his parents becomes harsh.
  • They set the rules in games and want to manage the group.
  • They want to have their own rules at home, in the park and on playgrounds.

When we look at it this way, every situation in which your child wants to set his own rules is actually a developmental process that comes with age. This process shows that it is growing healthy. For some children, leadership is the result of character. It is useful to consider the child's character.

Should there be limits on children?

Children love boundaries and order. You should explain this to your child. You have to teach him that there are things he can and cannot do.

Other factors other than age and character

If your child started this situation when he was 3-4 years old and it becomes more complicated as time goes by, the reason may be due to your approach to your child. For example; If you display attitudes such as "let my child eat two spoons more", "let him not cry", "let nothing happen to him", children will use this situation. Over time, he learns that he can use this situation to his advantage whenever he wants and continues to be stubborn with you. If there is stubbornness even though you do not treat your child in this way, ask around for siblings, cousins, etc. He may have observed it and applied it himself. Once he realizes that it works, he may start using it.

How can the stubborn child problem be solved?

In cases of stubbornness, do not constantly emphasize the problem to your children. The more you go on it, the bigger the problem becomes. Children may not be able to make cognitive inferences like adults. Therefore, constantly emphasizing mistakes serves no purpose other than reinforcing wrong behavior.

Especially if your child gets angry, cries and stops communicating with you when he doesn't have anything he wants at home. First of all, you need to stay calm. It is very beneficial to be calm towards your child. The next step is to give your child time to calm down. Get down to your child's eye level and tell him that you understand him and that he should be calm now and that you should talk when he calms down. After this conversation, physically distance yourself from him. This is important for him to think about this situation. While doing this distancing, do not talk about this with anyone in the house. When your child calms down, calmly explain "why he won't get what he wants." If your child does not understand you and continues to be stubborn, calmly walk away again.

This process can be difficult and tiring. The important thing here is to be consistent while the process continues. If you get bored, angry and give your child what he wants, you will reinforce this situation even more.

I hope it was a useful writing.

You can share your experiences and what solutions you have applied to similar problems in the comments section below.

Ways to Deal with a Stubborn Child

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