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Historical Milas Houses

Historical Milas Houses
Historical Milas Houses

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Within the scope of the work of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the region, some of the historical buildings, whose expropriation has been completed, are being restored and unearthed through excavations.

The aim of the works is to transform the region into an open-air museum.

It is planned for visitors to see and practically tour the works in many areas of the museum.

Work in the burial chamber and area of the Carian King Hekatomnos continues under the chairmanship of the Milas Museum Directorate and under the consultancy of the scientific committee appointed by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Following expropriation, buildings from the Ottoman and Republican periods are being restored to their original state.

Mosaics and historical artifacts on the floors of some buildings are illuminated and shown to visitors through special glass panes.

The historical buildings restored by the General Directorate of Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Milas Mansion, carpet museum, laboratory, administrative building, welcome center, children's activation room and library, were arranged as centers where tourists can take a breather.

Carpet making stages are shown at the entrance of the building, whose restoration was completed in the Uzunyuva Mausoleum Archeopark Area and organized as a carpet museum.

Visitors can do carpet weaving and dyeing on the looms set up in the area. Milas carpets, which have been cleaned, restored and preserved by experts in accordance with their original condition, are also exhibited in special sections within the museum.

"Emin Ağa Mansion", one of the examples of Milas stone houses, built in 1890, was also restored to its original form.

The arched entrance form of the building, which was built in the cut stone construction system, the moldings under the eaves, the triangular pediment on the front facade and the rosette with wreath motifs in the pediment, and the murals on the right and left walls of the windbreak section, which is the entrance section, reflect the late features of the Ottoman Empire. Materials and figures used in the daily life of that period are exhibited in the mansion.

11 decare area was expropriated

Milas Museum Director Gülnaz Savran said that the restoration work of 8 historical Milas houses from the Ottoman and Republican periods continues and they are exhibited.

Reminding that the Uzunyuva story started with an unfortunate illegal excavation in 2010, Savran stated that the archaeological potential of the area was determined in the rescue excavations that were started later in the region, and in this context, 11 decares of land were expropriated.

Savran emphasized that 8 historical buildings from the Ottoman and Republican periods, which show examples of Milas' civil architecture, were restored. Stating that the parcels containing 40 buildings in the region were expropriated, Savran said that 8 historical buildings were given functions.

“Milas Carpet will be kept alive in the museum”

Museum Director Savran said that one of the historical Milas houses, whose restoration was completed in the Milas Uzunyuva Hekatomnos Mausoleum and Sanctuary, which is on UNESCO's "World Heritage Tentative List", was organized as the Milas Carpets Museum.

Pointing out that Milas Carpets Museum is the first and only museum in Turkey where carpets specific to only one region are exhibited, Savran said:

“We brought to light the forgotten Milas carpets and created a museum where they are exhibited and protected again. Here, we also visually presented how carpets are woven with models weaving carpets at the carpet loom. “We created activation rooms in the museum in order to keep alive and teach traditional carpet weaving.”

Gülnaz Savran emphasized that the journey of the carpet from past to present is also explained in the museum, and that they want to create an impact on visitors by enabling them to make carpets.

“Our aim is to create a living and sustainable museum with the public.”

Stating that one of the richest cultural values of Milas is the mansions inspired by ancient architecture, Savran stated that the Emin Ağa Mansion was restored to its original state and was displayed in accordance with the life of that period.

Stating that they exhibited items and models used in the Ottoman and Republican periods in the mansion, Savran said:

“The food customs of the period, winter food preparation, living room, study and bedroom, bridal room and children's cradle were revived and exhibited in order to pass them on to future generations. Our aim is to create a living and sustainable museum with the public. "With the rearrangements and activation areas in the area, there will be an increase in the number of visitors."

Children were not forgotten in the museum either

One building among the restored historical buildings was reserved for little visitors. Here, there are games and toys of the period, as well as tools and a library. Visitors to the children's activation center can play games of the period here.

In the area restored as the Promotion and Welcome Center, the Byzantine tombs and the floor mosaic from the Late Roman period, which were unearthed from the floor of the house during the excavations, are preserved in situ, covered with glass and illuminated, and exhibited.

Savran noted that visitors can also see how archaeological excavations are carried out in the area and examine the structures in the area.

Source: AA

Historical Milas Houses

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