Ways to Breastfeed a Baby with Correct Techniques


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We will provide you with important information about the baby breastfeeding situation, which occurs during the postpartum period and where mothers become most emotional. Many expectant mothers wonder how to breastfeed healthily after the birth of their baby. For this reason, many mothers breastfeed with the wrong techniques.

Be Careful While Breastfeeding Your Baby 

While breastfeeding your baby, constantly hug him/her and hold his/her whole body. During the breastfeeding process, breastfeed by holding it on its favorite side. Support him with your arm on the same side and he should be lying chest to chest with his chin at your chest level. Also make sure that the mouth is on the breast and in line with the nipple. Since it will be in the lap area, it is useful to support your baby with a pillow.

Ways to Breastfeed a Baby with Correct Techniques 

Move your free hand immediately towards your baby's chest. In this context, your baby should open his mouth wide. To achieve this, you can easily enable your baby to open his mouth wide by touching your baby's lower lip. As soon as your baby's mouth opens wide, quickly direct your baby towards your breast without wasting any time. You should make sure that the baby thoroughly mouths the dark area around the nipple, especially the nipple. While your baby is sucking milk, you will be able to feel and see that both of his lips are opening towards the outside, as his mouth becomes wider. In this case, your baby will leave your breast after being satisfied. In this case, the absorption state will also end. If you think your baby is fed enough or if you want him/her to leave your breast due to pain, you should never pull the baby too quickly. To do this in a healthier format, you can do this by placing your little finger, which you think is clean, on the corner of your baby's mouth. On the other hand, if you squeeze your baby's nose very lightly, your baby will stop sucking milk.

Important note: If you want to provide your baby with more abundant and healthy milk, you need to follow all the steps we mentioned above. On the other hand, it is beneficial for breastfeeding mothers to wear a bra at every opportunity. Additionally, choosing cotton and loose-fitting bras will be more beneficial.

Ways to Breastfeed a Baby with Correct Techniques

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