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It is possible to say that women, who attach more importance to comfort rather than shoes, are much more interested in high-heeled sandals. Rest assured, these are special models that will take you one step forward in terms of elegance. If you stand up a lot during the day and get tired, you can make the right choice by choosing these comfortable models. If you wish, let's take a look at the heeled sandal models together and try to inform you, dear ladies, about this subject...

Stone Heeled Sandal Models 

We saw a lot of stone-heeled sandals on the shelves last year, and the interest of women was quite intense. The signals of the new era had already been given and once again we were not mistaken. When we look at the 2018 shoe trends, we can see that heeled sandal models are one step ahead. In addition to being comfortable, it also provides perfect visual integrity and helps you kill two birds with one stone.

Stiletto Fashion Continues

If you say that high heels bother you and you have difficulty walking, you can resort to stilettos, which never go out of fashion. Stilettos, which will match many of your outfits and will not let you down in terms of visual integrity, are among the most preferred models by women in the new era. You can have a more stylish and comfortable day by choosing these specially designed stilettos in your daily life as well as on special days and nights.

Shoe Trend of 2018

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