Which Color Should Be Used in Which Room?


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Dark shades of white such as cream, champagne and ecru are the basic colors generally used in home decor. If wallpaper is not used, it is most logical to use off-white and cream tones. It provides a wide view, light and spaciousness to the area.

floor decoration Colors should be chosen to create contrast and be compatible with the material and color. Very light water green, dusty pink and soft turquoise colors can be preferred in children's rooms. It provides quality and refreshing sleep.

Living Room Colors

Interior decoration examples When evaluating, the wall color is chosen first. Living room wall color can be chosen according to the colors of the furniture, curtains, floor and carpet. Shiny walnut green wallpapers and cream colored fabric papers with a milky coffee shine will look very stylish.

Which Color Should Be Used in Which Room?

Bedroom Colors

Which room should be which color? Regarding the subject, the generally preferred color in the bedroom is off-white. Using a plain background is the main factor for comfortable sleep. Wall color can be chosen according to the color of the furniture. If white furniture is used, dark colored wallpapers can be used, such as smoked grey, burgundy, dark green or brown. Especially light earth colors help you fall asleep quickly.

Which Color Should Be Used in Which Room?

Children's Room Colors

What color should I paint my house? In this regard, the room colors of babies and children are the most important element. Picture details should not be used on wallpapers, especially distracting figures and fiery colors such as red should not be used. Soft colors, plain paint or textured wallpapers can be used.

Which Color Should Be Used in Which Room?

Entrance and Entrance Sections

Tones that will not show dirt for a long time but will provide brightness should be chosen. Decoration suggestions After examining the room, you can paint it in the same color as the other rooms or in different colors to match the color of the floor coverings, carpets, door and window furniture used.

Which Color Should Be Used in Which Room?

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