Islands Jazz Festival: The Sound of Rhythm in the Islands


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Islands Jazz Festival will take place between 8-11 June 2023 to offer music lovers a unique experience. In addition to being a city famous for its historical and cultural riches, Istanbul is also a prominent center in the world of art and music. The city offers unforgettable experiences to local and foreign tourists with various events held every year.

Jazz Festival Begins

The Istanbul Islands Jazz Festival, which will be held for the fifth time this year, will take place in the Prince Islands, the pearl of Istanbul. As every year, the festival aims to offer a program that will appeal to those who love different genres of jazz music. Talented local and international jazz musicians will take the stage within the scope of the festival and give the audience unforgettable moments.

The central point of the festival Big Islandwill turn into a jazz venue with its historical atmosphere and natural beauties. The historical places, beaches and streets of Büyükada will be filled with the fascinating rhythm of jazz throughout the festival. Many events such as stage performances, open-air concerts, workshops and interviews will offer festival participants a journey into the depths of jazz music.

The opening night of the festival will start with a magnificent performance by a famous jazz artist. This impressive opening will bring together those who want to feel the excitement and energy of the festival in Büyükada Square. The concerts, which will be held in different venues throughout the festival, will host the performances of talented jazz groups. In these concerts, you will have the opportunity to experience different genres, modern approaches and traditional rhythms of jazz.

Jazz music will not only be limited to stages. As part of the festival, you will have the chance to express yourself with the rhythm of music by participating in workshops of local jazz musicians. Additionally, in interviews with famous names of the jazz world, musicians will share their own experiences, the musicians they are inspired by, and their journeys in the music industry. These talks will allow music enthusiasts to expand their musical knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of jazz music.

Istanbul Islands Jazz Festival will not only be limited to music, but will also offer festival attendees the opportunity to discover the unique atmosphere of the Islands. Visitors to the festival can visit the historical buildings of Büyükada, participate in bicycle tours or take pleasant walks on the streets of the island. The natural beauty and sea view of the islands will allow festival participants to spend time in a peaceful environment combined with music.

Istanbul Islands Jazz Festival will be an event where music lovers will create unforgettable memories. This festival, where both local and foreign jazz music enthusiasts will come together, will emphasize Istanbul's contribution to jazz music and its rich cultural heritage. At the same time, this event, combined with the special atmosphere of the Islands, will offer a journey that takes Istanbul to the rhythm of jazz.

Get ready to attend the Istanbul Islands Jazz Festival this year. In the calm atmosphere of the islands, you will merge with the rhythm of the music and step into the fascinating world of jazz. This festival will offer music lovers an experience full of unforgettable memories and music. In order not to miss this extraordinary event where Istanbul Adalar will dance with jazz in June, book your place now and join this music-filled journey.

Sarp Maden Quartet, Önder Focan, Mercan Dede, Ezgi Aktan, Celal Kadri Kınoğlu, Gürol Ağırbaş, Kerem Görsev, Elif Çağlar, Karambola, Telvin, Uninvited Jazz Band, Kolektif İstanbul, Birsen Tezer, Tolga Bilgin, Ozan Musluoğlu, Erdem Özkan, Melis Sökmen, Burcu Karadağ, Sibel Köse, Anıl Şallıel, Evren Can Gündüz and Aliens, Olcay Saral, Jehan Barbur, Ari Barokas, Bülent Ortaçgil, Çiğdem Erken, Deniz Çakır, Tuğrul Tülek And sattaswill take the stage “Jazz on the Islands”All Istanbulites are invited.

The dazzling Islands of Istanbul are getting ready to meet the fascinating rhythm of jazz music. Istanbul Islands Jazz Festival, which will start with the island ferry departing from Kabataş Pier at 18.25 on Thursday, June 8, is preparing to take music lovers on an unforgettable journey. Sarp Maden Quartet will meet music lovers for the first time at this year's festival.

When the ferry reaches Büyükada, Önder Focan Aubergine Project will welcome music lovers at Büyükada Atatürk Square at 19.30. Önder Focan and his team will fascinate the audience with their energetic performance. Then, Mercan Dede, who will take the stage at 20.30, will literally enlarge the atmosphere of the festival with his unique musical style.

The festival, organized with the theme "Jazz on the Islands", will continue until Sunday, June 11, in venues such as Büyükada Atatürk Square, Çelik Gülersoy Cultural Center, Heybeliada Market Place, Burgazada Eski İskele Square and Kınalıada İskele Square. Different concerts, events and workshops will be held in each venue.

Istanbul Islands Jazz Festivalwill emphasize not only musical performances but also the unique atmosphere of the Islands. During the festival, listeners can walk on the streets of the islands, visit historical sites and enjoy the sea. In this atmosphere full of jazz music, music lovers will have a unique experience.

Islands Jazz Festival: The Sound of Rhythm in the Islands

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