Activities that Support Children's Mental Development


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It is extremely important for children's mental development, healthy growth and successful learning process. Mental development is the process of improving children's thinking skills, cognitive abilities and intelligence levels. In this article, you will learn about various activities that support children's mental development.

Suggestions for Mental Development

Choosing games for children is an important issue that has a great impact on their development. Games help children develop their social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills while also allowing them to have a fun time. However, since every child's interests, abilities and ages are different, it is important to choose the right games.

  1. Play and Imagination

Play is one of the most effective ways to support children's mental development. Playing with toys allows children to use their imagination. Children develop their intellectual and creative skills by taking on different roles in the game, imitating events, and creating and playing stories.

  1. Reading

Reading books helps children expand their vocabulary and develop their imagination. Children empathize with the characters in books, get lost in the fictional worlds of the stories, and discover new concepts. This strengthens children's language skills, intellectual processes and conceptual understanding.

  1. Puzzle and Brain Games

Solving puzzles and playing brain games help children develop logical thinking skills. Puzzles improve problem-solving abilities, focus, analytical thinking and abstract thinking. Intelligence games, on the other hand, support children's strategy development, planning and decision-making skills.

  1. Music and Art

Listening to music, playing an instrument or engaging in artistic activities supports children's creativity and mental development. While music teaches them to focus on rhythm and melody, artistic activities develop children's visual perception and manual skills. Such activities increase children's self-confidence and enrich their intellectual processes.

  1. Nature and Discovery

Interacting with nature and exploring the environment helps children develop their observation skills. Walking in nature, examining plants, observing animals and exploring different aspects of natural life contribute to the mental development of children. Interaction with nature encourages children to focus their attention, ask questions and explore. These activities increase children's curiosity and improve their problem-solving skills.

  1. Computer and Technology

Digital technology can be a powerful tool to support children's mental skills. Computer games or interactive educational applications can improve children's abilities such as problem solving, logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. However, children's interactions with technology should be limited and balanced, because physical interaction and social interaction are also important for mental development.

Activities that support children's mental development vary and provide interaction in different areas. Activities such as games, reading books, solving puzzles, music and art, nature exploration and technology improve children's thinking skills, creativity, language skills, problem-solving abilities and focus. It is important to plan these activities according to the ages and interests of the children.

Parents and educators should support children's potential and encourage them to discover it by providing them with a variety of mental development activities. In addition, care should be taken to select activities that children can actively participate in and that are suitable for their interests and abilities.

As a result, activities that support children's mental development strengthen their thinking, creativity, problem solving and discovery skills. These activities expand children's cognitive and mental capacities while increasing their interest and motivation in learning.

The 5 tablet games I can recommend for children aged 6-10 are:

  1. Minecraft: Minecraft is a popular building game that allows children to use their creativity and build. Players can create worlds from blocks, explore them, and go on adventures. It also improves logic and problem-solving skills.
  2. Monument Valley: Monument Valley is a game that combines optical illusions and geometric puzzles. Players solve puzzles using perspective changes as they navigate through interesting architectural structures. This game develops logical thinking and visual perception skills.
  3. Toca Life World: Toca Life World is an interactive game that allows children to experience different roles in a virtual world. Players can interact in different locations, customize characters and create stories. This game stimulates imagination and improves social skills.
  4. Angry Birds: Angry Birds is a fun physics-based puzzle game. Players try to destroy the structures built by the pigs by throwing the birds from different angles. This game improves problem solving, strategy and hand-eye coordination skills.
  5. MathLand: MathLand is a math game that aims to improve math skills in a fun way. Players move to defeat enemies while solving mathematical puzzles. This game supports logic and analytical thinking skills while strengthening math skills.

These games allow children to have a fun time and also help them develop their mental skills. The choice of games should be appropriate to the child's interests, abilities and age.

Activities that Support Children's Mental Development

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