Parents' Impact on Children's Self-Esteem


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The Effect of Parents on Children's Self-Esteem; It is known that self-esteem is an important factor for the healthy development of children. Self-esteem is the individual's ability to positively evaluate his or her own worth, skills, and abilities. Parents have a huge impact on children's self-esteem. In this article, the influence of parents on children's self-esteem will be examined in the light of pedagogical and scientific sources.

1. Parental Attitude and Communication

The influence of parents on children's self-esteem is closely related to parental attitudes and communication. Research shows that a supportive, understanding and loving parental attitude positively affects children's self-esteem (Baumrind, 1991). When parents show warmth, love and attention to their children, children feel valued and their self-esteem improves.

Parents' communication style also affects children's self-esteem. A positive and supportive communication style makes the child feel confident. Parents should be understanding when listening to their children, encourage them to express their feelings, and give them the opportunity to think before criticizing them.

2. Becoming a Model

Parents should be role models to improve children's self-esteem. Children learn by imitating their parents' behaviors and attitudes. Parents should set an example for their children by raising their own self-esteem and respecting themselves. It is also important for parents to provide positive feedback to their children and support them in their success.

3. Determination of Boundaries and Autonomy

Parents' influence on children's self-esteem is also related to setting boundaries and respecting the child's autonomy. Parents should set limits and discipline their children. However, it is important that these boundaries are fair and consistent. Setting boundaries makes the child feel safe and positively affects his self-esteem.

However, it is also important to respect the child's autonomy. When children have the opportunity to make their own decisions and take responsibility, their self-esteem increases. Parents should support their children's independence and autonomy and give them responsibility.

4. Recognition of Achievements

Parents' influence on children's self-esteem is also related to their appreciation of children's achievements. When parents care about and appreciate their children's achievements, children feel valued and their self-esteem increases. However, it is important to focus on the child's efforts when appreciating them, seeing the child's contribution to the process rather than just evaluating the results.

5. Criticism and Negative Feedback

Criticism and negative feedback from parents can have negative effects on children's self-esteem. Research shows that excessive criticism, humiliation, or constant negative feedback tends to damage children's self-esteem (Deci & Ryan, 2002). Parents should use constructive and positive language when criticizing their children and help them deal with their mistakes. Additionally, accepting and supporting children's failures can prevent their self-esteem from being shaken.

6. Being caring and supportive

Parents' influence on children's self-esteem is also related to their ability to meet children's emotional needs. When parents are caring and supportive of their children, it makes them feel valued. Parents should spend time with their children, participate in their interests, and provide emotional support. This contributes to strengthening children's self-esteem.

7. Admitting Mistakes and Difficulties

The influence of parents on children's self-esteem is also related to their acceptance and support of children's mistakes and difficulties. Children sometimes fail or make mistakes. If parents accept these situations and support their children, it prevents their self-esteem from being damaged. Parents should teach their children that mistakes are normal and that the important thing is to keep trying.

8. Establishing Good Communication

The influence of parents on children's self-esteem is also related to their good communication. Open, sincere and understanding communication allows children to express their feelings. Parents should pay attention to their children's emotional expressions, listen to them, and try to understand them. This makes children feel understood and valued and strengthens their self-esteem.

9. Developing Self-Confidence

The influence of parents on children's self-esteem is also related to work on developing self-confidence. Parents should support children in discovering and developing their talents. Directing children to tasks they can achieve, learning new skills and experiencing success increases children's self-confidence and positively affects their self-esteem.

10. Providing a Supportive Environment

Parents' influence on children's self-esteem is also related to their provision of a supportive environment. Parents should provide the necessary environment to meet children's emotional, physical and social needs. Growing up in a safe, loving and supportive environment helps strengthen children's self-esteem.

The influence of parents on children's self-esteem is of great importance. Factors such as a supportive, loving parental attitude, positive communication, modeling, setting boundaries, autonomy, appreciation of achievements and constructive criticism positively affect children's self-esteem. Using this information, parents can guide their children to develop healthy self-esteem.


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Parents' Impact on Children's Self-Esteem

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