What You Need to Know About Prosthetic Nails


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Today, there are many options for prosthetic nails, beauty and aesthetic care. Nails have also become an important element to express one's unique style. Prosthetic nails are an option that offers the opportunity to have long and beautiful nails without waiting for the nails to grow or break. In this article, you will learn more about what prosthetic nails are, their types, application process, care and advantages.

What is Prosthetic Nail?

  1. What is Prosthetic Nail? Prosthetic nails are artificial nails applied over natural nails. These artificial nails are made of a material that is bonded to the nail bed and covers the natural nail, creating the appearance of a long and strong nail. Prosthetic nails are used to protect, strengthen and aesthetic purposes natural nails.
  2. Prosthetic Nail Types: Prosthetic nails are generally made of acrylic or gel materials. Acrylic nails are made from a mixture created by mixing liquid acrylic and powder polymer. This mixture is applied to the natural nail and given time to harden. Gel nails, on the other hand, are made using a special gel material and harden under UV light.
  3. Prosthetic Nail Application Process: The application of prosthetic nails is usually done by an experienced nail technician or specialist.

The process includes these steps:

  • Cleaning and preparation of natural nails.
  • Determining the desired prosthetic nail shape.
  • Applying and shaping the prosthetic nail material to the natural nail.
  • Cleaning unnecessary materials on the nail and obtaining a smooth surface.
  • Polishing the prosthetic nail and applying the desired color nail polish or design.
  1. Prosthetic Nail Care and Durability: Prosthetic nails can last for a long time when applied correctly. However, maintenance is important. Here are some tips to increase the durability of prosthetic nails:
  • Avoid hard impacts.
  • Use protective gloves when cleaning.
  • Use appropriate tools to cut or shape nails.
  • Moisturize nails using a daily moisturizer or nail and cuticle oil.
  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Prosthetic Nails: Prosthetic nails offer many advantages to strengthen your natural nails and provide an aesthetic appearance. These include features such as long-term durability, various color and design options, protection of the natural nail and fast application. However, prosthetic nails can prevent natural nails from breathing, and it is important that the application is done correctly. Improper application or poor care can cause natural nails to weaken or increase the risk of infection.
  1. Duration of Use of Prosthetic Nails: The duration of use of prosthetic nails may vary from person to person and depending on the quality of the application. Generally, prosthetic nails can last for 2 to 3 weeks. However, due to natural nail growth, nails may occasionally need to be filled or reapplied. To maintain the health of natural nails, it is important to have prosthetic nails checked regularly by a qualified nail technician.
  2. Removal of Prosthetic Nails: Removal of prosthetic nails should be done by an expert nail technician. Improper removal can damage natural nails. The nail technician dissolves and gently removes the prosthetic nails, usually using a special liquid. To maintain the health of natural nails, it is important to leave this step to a professional.
  3. Risks of Prosthetic Nails: Prosthetic nails are generally safe and harmless when applied correctly. However, it is important to consider some risks. Fungal or bacterial infections can develop under natural nails. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to hygienic conditions and perform regular maintenance. Additionally, improper application or frequent replacement of prosthetic nails can cause natural nails to weaken, thin, or become damaged. Therefore, it is important to consult a trusted professional and have the prosthetic nails applied properly.
  4. Alternatives: Apart from prosthetic nails, there are other options for nail extension or strengthening. For example, gel manicure or nail extension techniques apply gel over natural nails, providing length and strength. Additionally, products such as nail hardeners and strengtheners can be used to strengthen nails and maintain their natural appearance. You can also evaluate these alternatives and choose the most suitable option by consulting an expert.

Prosthetic nails are a popular option in nail care for aesthetic and beauty purposes. It allows you to have nails of the desired length and appearance without waiting for your natural nails to grow or break. However, correct application and regular maintenance are important. If you are considering prosthetic nails, we recommend that you get support from an expert nail technician.

What You Need to Know About Prosthetic Nails

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