Blue Voyage: Enjoy the Sea by Visiting Unique Bays


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When it comes to holiday, one of the first things that comes to mind is the sea. Spending time under the sun and in the coolness of blue waters is everyone's dream. However, if you are bored of classic holiday destinations and are looking for a different experience, the "Blue Voyage" may be just the option for you. Blue Cruise is a type of holiday that offers the opportunity to enjoy the sea by visiting unique bays on a yacht or gulet along Turkey's magnificent coastline, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

Blue Cruise offers the opportunity to explore bays full of natural beauty, enjoy the deep blue sea and get away from the stress of daily life. This experience will give you unforgettable memories and provide you with a holiday that you will remember throughout your life.

Turkey's Blue Cruise routes usually start from popular regions such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek and Kaş. These regions are famous for their magnificent natural landscapes, historical ruins and clean beaches. By traveling on these routes with your yacht or gulet, you will have the chance to visit the stunning bays along the coast.

Gulets are among the popular travel vehicles preferred during the Blue Voyage. Gulets are traditional Turkish wooden yachts and usually operate in small groups. They offer a comfortable travel experience thanks to their well-equipped cabins, bathrooms, sufficient deck space and comfortable seating arrangements. Additionally, their professional and welcoming crew takes care of every detail to meet guests' needs.

During the Blue Cruise, you can visit different bays on different routes. Located between Göcek and Fethiye, the Dodecanese Islands are famous for their peaceful atmosphere and you can have a nice swimming experience here. Marmaris Bay is a fascinating region with its forested slopes, clean sea and calm bays. Located close to the Ancient City of Knidos and embracing the blue of the sea, Palamutbükü Bay is one of the places you will want to visit on your journey.

During the Blue Voyage, you can determine your route if you wish, or you can follow the recommendations of your guide and leave the route to him. In both cases, you can be sure that you will enjoy the sea with unique views.

In addition, another beautiful aspect of the Blue Cruise is that it offers the opportunity to experience the rich seafood of the region and the flavors of Turkish cuisine. You can have the opportunity to taste traditional Turkish dishes prepared by professional chefs on gulets. You can also experience local delicacies by stopping for land dishes in some bays.

Another reason why Blue Cruise is an enjoyable holiday option is the chance to be in touch with nature. As you travel with your yacht or gulet, you will encounter breathtaking views and natural beauties. While swimming in the clear waters of the bays, you can observe colorful fish and encounter magnificent representatives of marine life such as sea turtles and dolphins. There is also the opportunity to snorkel on some routes.

Blue Cruise also offers a fascinating experience for history lovers. On your holiday route, you can visit places with rich historical heritage such as ancient port cities, ancient theaters and historical ruins. These include ancient cities on the Lycian Way, regions bearing traces of the ancient civilizations of western Anatolia, and important archaeological sites such as the Ancient City of Knidos.

Blue Cruise also offers the opportunity to do various water sports. You can sea kayak in beautiful bays, try windsurfing or dive to explore the underwater world. If you are an active holidaymaker, these activities will provide the perfect balance for you.

The local people you will encounter during your Blue Cruise are one of the factors that make your holiday unforgettable. You will be welcomed with Turkish hospitality and have friendly conversations in the bays you visit. You will have the chance to get to know the lifestyle, traditions and culture of the local people closely, and this will add a different dimension to your holiday.

However, you need to pay attention to some important points before taking a Blue Cruise. When planning your holiday, you should carefully consider your travel route and duration. Additionally, it is important to do research on the equipment, comfort and crew quality of the yacht or gulet you will choose. At the same time, you should ensure your safety by taking the necessary precautions before going to sea.

Blue Cruise is a great option that offers the opportunity to visit magnificent bays and enjoy the sea and offers an extraordinary holiday experience. This beautiful holiday route of Turkey, with its unique natural beauties, rich historical and cultural heritage, delicious food and friendly atmosphere, will allow you to experience an adventure full of unforgettable memories. If you are looking for a different, calm and peaceful holiday, Blue Cruise may be just for you. You can experience one of the most special holidays of your life by embarking on this unique journey towards the blue of the sea.

Blue Voyage: Enjoy the Sea by Visiting Unique Bays

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