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The Pink Mirror project was implemented as an initiative of a hospital group that encourages checking the breast structure in front of a mirror every month and monitoring changes. The "Pink Mirror Tell Me Event" held this year aimed to raise breast cancer awareness by bringing together famous names. Celebrities conveyed their messages to women to raise awareness about breast cancer with the motto "Pink Mirror, Tell Me". As part of this event, photographs and messages of celebrities were exhibited at the "Pink Mirror Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibition". The exhibition was opened to visitors with digital awareness spots organized to raise breast cancer awareness. The proceeds of the project were donated to the Goodwill Association for the treatment of breast cancer patients. The messages of the celebrities attending the event, drawing attention to the importance of healthy living and early diagnosis, also reached large audiences. Stories of people who fought breast cancer and survived successfully were also shared to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women and can be treated with early diagnosis. Therefore, awareness activities such as the Pink Mirror project help to increase awareness and precautions in society.

Cancer warriors and celebrities who support cancer awareness met. 'Pink Mirror Tell Me Event' made a splash.

With the motto “Pink Mirror, Tell Me” Celebrities stood in front of the mirror and conveyed their messages about breast cancer awareness to women by reflecting them on the Pink Mirror. Famous names from each other; "Pink Mirror Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibition" and "Pink Mirror Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibition" with photos and messages depicting women who are aware of their bodies, love themselves and life, and do not give up the fight against cancer. It gained meaning in digital awareness spots. The exhibition was produced by Zuhal Ceran, and the famous people were shot by photographer Cengiz Dikbaş. The styling, consisting of pink colored clothes specially designed for breast cancer awareness, was carried out by the famous fashion designer Tanju Babacan. At the launch, the proceeds from the sale of the pink outfit specially designed by Babacan for breast cancer awareness will be used for the treatment of breast cancer patients who applied to the Goodwill Association.

Cancer warriors and celebrities who support cancer awareness met. 'Pink Mirror Tell Me Event' made a splash.

“Pink Mirror, Tell Me…”

Kadınların, %80 oranında kendi kendini muayene etmesi ile memedeki var olan bir kitleyi erken evrede belirlemesi ve bu erken teşhis yönteminden yararlanması adına toplumsal bilinç oluşturmayı hedefleyen Pembe Ayna projesi, bu yıl ünlü isimleri meme kanseri farkındalığı için bir araya getirdi. Ünlüler “Pembe Ayna Söyle Bana”dedi, meme kanseri farkındalığına ışık tutan mesajları pembe aynadan yansıyarak geniş kitlelere ulaştı.  Sanat, spor ve medya dünyasının ünlü isimleri; Aysu Türkoğlu, Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, Begüm Öner, Cansu Tuman, Dicle Doğan, Evrim Keklik, Feyza Civelek, Nefise Karatay, Nisa Bölükbaşı, Nur Viral, Simay Rasimoğlu, Şahika Ercümen, Şebnem Dönmez, Şeyda Coşkun, Zeynep Beşerler, Zeynep Sever Demirel’in fotoğrafları ve meme kanseri farkındalığı mesajları, Pink Mirror Breast Cancer Awareness ExhibitionWhat life he gave. After the launch, the Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibition can be visited at the Art Gallery in the lobby hall of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital between 01-31 October.

Sports Should Be a Lifestyle

Famous names who supported the project for breast cancer awareness shared their messages about the importance of healthy living and early diagnosis of cancer:

Record-breaking swimmer Aysu Türkoğlu said, “I am very happy to take part in such a high awareness project. “I try to get everyone, including my own family, to do sports as much as possible.” Survivor champion Nisa Bölükbaşı said, “It was the first time I took a photo by posing seriously. I was really touched when I heard that they came for breast cancer screening. “I am also happy that I really took part in the project.” Zeynep Sever Demirel, wife of Volkan Demirel, said, “Breast cancer is an issue that really needs to be raised both in our country and in the world. Because it can be treated very easily with early diagnosis. “It is important for us to know our body, listen to ourselves and make time for ourselves.”

A Project That Will Really Raise Awareness

Actress Begüm Öner said, “The moment I stepped into the studio, I realized that a very creative day was waiting for me. I knew it would do a great job. Indeed, when I came here today, I realized that it was a social responsibility project that would raise awareness.”

Go to a Doctor Immediately Even If You Have the Smallest Mass on Your Hand

Ayşe Burcu Erce, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and managed to overcome it, said, “I became aware of my disease through self-breast examination. My biggest mistake was that I went to the doctor 6 months late. That's why, 'If you come across even the smallest mass, leave immediately. Since I was late, I started treatment with a diagnosis of second stage breast cancer. Anyone diagnosed with cancer; He is afraid that my hair will fall out, my eyebrows will fall out, my eyelashes will fall out. But as you can see, they all came out.” Özgül Türkkan, 60, a licensed player of the Turkish Bowling Federation, said, “I learned that I had breast cancer after diabetes surgery 2 years ago. I never stopped bowling during chemotherapy. Like breast cancer, I managed to defeat gallbladder cancer, which was diagnosed 6 months ago, with the love of my wife and my passion for bowling. “I continue to live without losing hope.”

I Overcame Two Cancers at a Young Age

Esin Gül, who successfully completed her fight against breast and thyroid cancer, said, “When I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28, the word cancer was quite foreign to me. My first encounter with cancer was thyroid cancer and I beat this cancer. Then, two years later, I learned that I had breast cancer. When I knew recovery was possible, I started treatment as soon as possible. I went through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. The disease responded positively to treatment. My disease is currently under control and my treatment continues. “I feel strong.”  Prof. Dr. Bülent Çitgez said, “It is very important for the person to make breast self-examination a habit and to check it regularly every month. "If he has a mass or swelling on his hand, he should go to the doctor without fear," he said. Prof. Dr. Fatih Aydoğan said, “Breast cancer is among the most common cancers in women. It also ranks first in our country. Breast cancer is very common in our country, especially in people under the age of 40. While only 1 in 20 breast cancers is under the age of 40 in the USA and Europe, 1 in 6-7 breast cancers in our country is under the age of 40. Early diagnosis is very important. "If the disease is detected at an early stage, it can be treated easily," he said. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)

Cancer Warriors

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