Suppressed Emotions Prepare the Ground for Diseases!


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Psychological Counselor Ekrem Çağrı Öztürk explained that different diseases occur due to suppressed emotions and gave information on the subject.

There Are Three Primary Colors in the World 

There are three primary colors in the world. Yellow, red and blue. All other colors are formed by mixing these primary colors. There are some basic emotions in human existence. We can list these emotions as fear, sadness, joy, surprise, anger and disgust. Human beings experience these emotions and their derivatives in the face of events. Therefore, we are all born from the same source and are part of the same whole. Even though our life scenarios are different, the emotions we experience in the face of events are similar.

We Avoid Experiencing Our Emotions

Some people interpret the emotions they experience in the face of certain events as negative and judge themselves. Every emotion has a function and emotions make us feel alive. So, why do we not want to experience some emotions even though emotions are a part of our lives? We describe emotions, especially anger, sadness, and fear, as negative and avoid experiencing them. However, all of these emotions have a meaning. For example, in the event of a loss, we make sense of the mourning process by experiencing our sadness, or if the people we are in relationships with try to enter our space and constantly disrespect us, we can be warned and angry, which helps us set healthy boundaries for the other party. We may be disgusted by the smell of gas and take the necessary precautions. If a car is coming towards us, we can avoid the accident by being afraid and using our reflexes. As in the examples, some emotions that we see as negative may be functional for us depending on the place and time we are in. However, when our family says 'don't cry, there is nothing to cry about, wipe your tears' when we get sad and cry as a child, we can bury our feelings of sadness inside and avoid experiencing sadness in our adult lives. A parent who says 'Don't raise your voice at me' may give the message that you have no right to be angry, causing the child not to experience anger in the future or to experience it very intensely. Therefore, the behaviors we see and experience by our family and those around us may cause us to experience emotions intensely or not at all in our future lives. 

If We Don't Respond to Our Body, Eczema, Weight Loss, Neck Pain Occur

Experiencing emotions a lot or not experiencing them at all; Flashing suddenly, suddenly feeling sad, crying at certain times, not being able to cry at all, not being able to get angry, being very happy and suddenly becoming stagnant can create permanent problems in our relationships and cause us to experience physical discomfort.  Therefore, we must listen to the difficulties we experience. For example, if someone walks slowly in front of you on the road, when you see someone disorderly, if we are disturbed by someone with lack of attention and suddenly flare up, or if we cannot tolerate it, that is, if we experience any physical and emotional stimulation intensely, we can say that this has meaning for us. There will always be slow, disorganized, unresponsible and careless people in life. Then it means that we will get angry every time we encounter similar situations. This means that we will often become angry due to actions that are beyond our control and caused by someone else. This means that the control of our emotional state is always with someone else. However, the behaviors that make us uncomfortable on the other side are perhaps the behaviors we need. We need to question whether the emotions we experience are innate emotions or the product of the behaviors our family taught us. If our body is stimulated and challenged, this is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is an opportunity for us to understand ourselves. If we do not listen to these, our body will come with problems such as sweating, headache, back and neck pain, weight loss and eczema and give the message 'take care of yourself'. Many diseases first start in the soul and then spread to our bodies. Judging, ignoring, or not listening to the emotions we experience is like erasing colors from life. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency) 

Suppressed Emotions Prepare the Ground for Diseases!

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