When should the flu vaccine be given?


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When should the flu vaccine be given? Experts said that the flu season has started and it is the best time for the flu vaccine.

Flu Vaccination Can Be Given Every Year Starting from September and October

With autumn coming, it's time to get the flu vaccine. Approximately 500 million people around the world get flu every year, while more than 300 thousand people die due to flu. Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Dr. Dilek Leyla Mamçu emphasizes that flu disease can lead to serious consequences, especially in some age groups, and says, "We should definitely get the flu vaccine to be protected from severe complications and to avoid mild illnesses." says. The flu vaccine should be given every year from September to October because the flu season usually starts in October and ends in April-May. Dr. Mamçu states that the vaccine has a high success rate if it is administered on time, and adds that the flu vaccine can provide protection of over 70 to 80 percent.

When should the Flu Vaccine be given?

Flu Vaccine Can Be Applied to Anyone Over 6 Months of Age

Flu can lead to otitis media, pneumonia, and other infections, especially in young children. It can also cause more serious complications for the elderly and people with other chronic health problems. Therefore, it is recommended that people in risk groups get the flu vaccine first. The flu vaccine can be administered to anyone over the age of 6 months. However, almost everyone can get a flu vaccine, except for those who are severely allergic to the vaccine and those with a severe egg allergy. The flu vaccine is safe because its content does not differ from other vaccines. Dr. Mamçu also emphasizes that the flu vaccine should be given every year because the flu virus can change every year. Therefore, a new vaccine is needed every flu season. Finally, he states that there is no harm in administering Covid-19 vaccines and flu vaccines in the same period. People in the risk group can receive both vaccines at the same visit. Flu vaccination is important to prevent serious complications and protect public health. Therefore, you should consider getting your vaccine before flu season begins. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)

When should the flu vaccine be given?

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