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4 ways to increase friendly bacteria in your body


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It is up to you to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in your intestines!

Attention! The way to a strong immune system is through them!



Since the risk of transmission of viruses is much higher in closed and crowded places in autumn and winter, it is more important than ever to strengthen our immune system. Emphasizing that our intestines play a key role in the formation of our immune system Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Meltem Batmaci, “The friendly bacteria in our body are of great importance in protecting us from infections. Friendly bacteria (beneficial bacteria) strengthen our immune system by preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria (enemy/pathogen). These microorganisms are most numerous in the intestines. An adult human has approximately 100 trillion bacteria (about 1.5 kg) in their intestines. "The more friendly bacteria in our intestines, the stronger our immune system will be," he says. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. states that it is possible to increase the number of friendly bacteria, reduce the number of harmful bacteria and protect against diseases with some precautions we take in daily life. Meltem Batmacı explained 4 effective ways to increase the beneficial bacteria in our intestines and made important warnings and suggestions. 



1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet


Scientific studies carried out; It proves that a healthy and balanced diet is directly related to intestinal health. Consuming foods that do not contain preservatives and additives, drinking enough water every day, avoiding fast food consumption, choosing fiber-rich foods and giving importance to diversity in nutrition are of great importance in keeping our intestinal health and therefore our immunity strong. Dr. Meltem Batmacı “Organic, seasonal vegetables and fruits should be preferred, and babies should be fed only breast milk for the first 6 months. "Refined sugar and saturated fats should be avoided," he says. 


2. Consume probiotic and prebiotic foods!


Probiotics, which are beneficial (friendly) bacteria for health that live in our intestines; It prevents harmful bacteria from leaking from the intestinal wall into the tissues. It strengthens the immune system by preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Prebiotics are; While it is a source of food and energy for probiotic bacteria, it enables probiotics to multiply and grow. Dr. recommends consuming foods containing probiotics and prebiotics. Meltem Batmacı “Tarhana, yoghurt, kefir, buttermilk, pickles (especially cabbage), vinegar, turnip, butter and garlic are some of the foods rich in probiotics. "Garlic, onions, apples, bananas, dates, dried figs, grains and legumes, goat milk, nuts, leeks and artichokes are also among the foods rich in prebiotics," he says. 


3. Do not use unnecessary antibiotics and frequent painkillers!


One of the most common mistakes in our country is the use of antibiotics in diseases for which antibiotics have no place in the treatment, especially colds and diarrhea. Dr. Meltem Batmacı emphasizes that unnecessary use of antibiotics should be avoided and says that unconscious and indiscriminate use of antibiotics harms the body instead of benefiting it and affects intestinal health extremely negatively. Dr. Meltem Batmacı, especially 0-18 after birth. He warns that excessive use of antibiotics for months can permanently change the intestinal flora. Frequent use of painkillers should be avoided as much as possible, as it causes great harm to the stomach and intestines. 


4. Learn to control stress!


Although stress is necessary to keep the person alert and protected from dangers when in moderation, too much of it seriously threatens physical health as well as mental health. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Meltem Batmacı, scientific studies conducted; Stating that excessive stress directly affects the stomach and intestinal system, he says that it would be useful to get support from an expert on stress management if necessary.  


Source: (BYZHA) Beyaz News Agency

4 ways to increase friendly bacteria in your body

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