Jeyan Mahfi Ayral Tözüm was sent off on his last journey


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Jeyan Mahfi Ayral Tözüm, the valuable artist of the City Theaters, who passed away on Sunday, October 29, was sent off to his final journey.

The artist's family, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality administrators, City Theater managers and artists and many citizens attended the funeral prayer performed after the afternoon prayer at Zincirlikuyu Mosque on Monday, October 30.

Jeyan Mahfi Ayral Tözüm was buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery, accompanied by prayers after the funeral prayer.

May God have mercy on the deceased, we offer our condolences and patience to his grieving family.



He was born on August 6, 1928 in Istanbul. He started his career at the City Theaters with Ibsen's play Pergünt (Peer Gynt).

1938-1983, yes, I spent 45 years in the theater. I did not choose my profession myself, the profession chose me, as follows; Muhsin Ertuğrul told my father that he was looking for a little girl for a role. My father took me by the hand and took me to the Drama Theater in Tepebaşı to Muhsin Bey. That beginning is exactly 45 years old.

I was not aware of this when my father, Necdet Mahfi Ayral, took me to the theater to work. I was little when I started in the fictional role of Peer Gynt'te-Solveige. I continued both my school and theatre. As the years passed, of course, I first became aware of this when I took on the roles of young girls and young women in children's plays. I loved it very much and embraced my job with all my heart. Theatre; It was at the forefront for me throughout the years I worked. I did voice-over work as a side job and I still do it. I acted in only 8 films, the last of which was Zeki Müren's first film, "Expected Song".

There was no conservatory when I grew up and I did not take theater classes. But I saw such great theater artists that they became both school and theater lessons for me. Being in reciprocity with many of them was the greatest honor. I can list a few of the games I played with these great artists as follows; With Mahmut Moralı; Cokomino Self Gel, Sixth Floor, with Galip Ercan; Aunt's Inheritance, Parisian Girl, with Talat Armeden; Lilyom, with Şaziye Moral; Women, Roots, Among Women, with Necla Sertel; My Three Angels, I Remember My Mother, with Samiye Hün; Çalıkuşu, with Vasfi Rıza Zobu; Domino, Modern Family.

I feel very happy to play with these great masters. My friends know that I was the first to go to the play and rehearsal. I would try to do my job correctly, carefully and well. I remember playing with difficulty, with a fever of 39 degrees and a low voice, so as not to disrupt the game.

But I said a big word; I used to say, “Even if I was 80 years old, I would not quit theater.” However, the depression I experienced after losing my husband, sound engineer Rauf Tözüm, in a traffic accident forced me to leave the theater. I'm sorry now! What a remedy, living conditions made this necessary.


Plays in which he took part:

When the Wind Blows

I Didn't Steal

A Little Bit of Everything

Memiş's Dream

Great Community

Liar's Candle

Memiş and Abdi in Istanbul

A Commissioner Arrived…

Chalk Circle

Crazy Saraylı

Don Juan

Streetcar of Desire

The Woman Coming at Dawn

Always And Never

Old song

Dead Queen


Cakomino Come to Yourself...

Little Chief

Dangerous Turn

Wild Girl

my lilium


Baby Eagle

Despite Everything (The Lining of Our Teeth)

Port of Dreams

Peer Gynt

Derelict Boat

Sixth Floor

I Remember My Mother

Dead People Don't Pay Taxes

Cyrano De Bergerac

What do I care?




Bernarda Alba's House


Parisian Girl

Rotten Foundation

Leaf Fall

Dark cloud

Artist Wanted


Snow White



Modern Family

Disordered Order


Source: (BYZHA) Beyaz News Agency

Jeyan Mahfi Ayral Tözüm was sent off on his last journey

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