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3 Basic Symptoms of Diabetes in Children


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Three critical signs of diabetes in children are drinking too much water, frequent urination, and weight loss. Pediatric Endocrinology Professor Dr. is an expert on this subject. Bilgin Yüksel emphasizes that these symptoms are a harbinger of Type-1 diabetes. During the events organized within the scope of World Diabetes Day, a series of activities were held to raise awareness for children with diabetes.

Prof. Dr. Bilgin Yuksel's Perspective

The event area was decorated with balloons and included an environment where volunteers danced with children in snow white and clown costumes and had fun moments with music. Children participated in the event by singing the '10th Anniversary Anthem' with Turkish flags in their hands. At the same time, banners carried by children drew attention to the disease with expressions such as "Type-1 is different from Type-2", "Sensors are welcome, keep my fingers to myself", "Diabetes is my friend".

Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist Prof. Dr. In his speech, Bilgin Yüksel stated that the most common type of diabetes in children is Type-1. He emphasized that children with symptoms such as drinking too much water, frequent urination and weight loss should be immediately taken to a health institution and their metabolic checks should be done. Prof. Dr. Yüksel also pointed out that children with Type-1 diabetes frequently measure their blood sugar from their fingertips during the day, and this situation is quite challenging. Stating that the biggest problem in this regard is glucose meters with sensors, Yüksel stated that these devices should be regularly covered by the Social Security Institution. He stated that the Ministry of Health has taken initiative in this regard, but not all patients can benefit from this opportunity yet. Because patients, especially those without social security, have difficulty covering this cost. Therefore, it is important for the state to take further steps in this regard and for the sensors to be paid regularly by SSI.

3 Basic Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

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