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When we go to the bookstore for mother and child books, we see a lot of books. While we are wondering which book we are looking for and which one is more useful, we decide on a book during the time we look at it.


If you are going to buy educational books, you definitely need to know what you want. Books for Parents? Books for babies? This week, upon intense request from you, we have compiled mother-baby books.


While there are so many publications in bookstores, it is inevitable to buy the wrong book. While the book “Wonderful Weeks” explains your baby's development week by week, it is a guide to supporting the most important developmental weeks of your baby's first 20 months and turning these 10 challenging stages into magical leaps.


Authors of the book Wonderful Weeks, Dr. Hetty Van de Rijt and Dr. After completing their training, Frans Plooij wrote Wonderful Weeks by observing and filming human mothers and their babies in their own home environments.

Babies were making a leap in their mental development during every difficult period. One sensing control system at a time was replacing the existing hierarchical control system

What does this book offer you?

Support in difficult moments, self-confidence, helping to understand your baby, tips to help your baby play and learn, and a unique explanation about your baby's development.

The Wonderful Weeks book also has an app. Before buying the book, you can download the application and follow your baby week by week.

Book “Wonderful weeks”

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