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Winter has come, the harbinger of diseases. As the seasons change, it becomes inevitable not to get sick, especially during transition periods. We included sick soups in our previous article. In this week's article, we will include a winter tea recipe to get over the flu without medication.

When winter comes, green teas and herbal teas are consumed a lot. For some, they only drink when they are sick, while others drink because they love it. We beautified it with our recipes for seasonal teas that are somehow part of our lives.

Mint and lemon tea

Mint Lemon tea has many benefits for both health and beauty. First of all, it is like a miracle in colds. Mint Lemon, which causes increased immune resistance; Contains potassium, B vitamins, Calcium and minarets. It treats stomach problems. It is healing for the stomach. It is good for nausea and stomach aches. Be sure to consume it both in summer and winter. The combination of mint and lemon is a miracle as it is cold and refreshing in summer and warm and comforting in winter.


  • 2 lemons
  • 3 glasses of water
  • Half a bunch of fresh mint (if you don't have fresh mint, 4 tablespoons of dried mint)
  • honey to taste

Mint Lemon Tea Recipe

First, boil the water. While the water is boiling, squeeze the juice from the lemons and cut the mint and add it to the boiling water. If you wish, you can also add squeezed lemons into it. Let it brew for about five minutes. Pour into a glass using a strainer. Sweeten with honey as you wish.

Tea that is good for flu - Mint Lemon Tea

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