What to Eat in London London Food Guide


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This article has been on my list of things I've wanted to do for a long time. Last year I had the opportunity to go to London. My wife lived in London for many years due to her education and knows almost every place. In this way, I gained a lot of information and experience about food, shopping and places in London. I will write about these experiences piece by piece.

First, I wanted to write an article about food. As you know, Turkish cuisine is a wide and very rich cuisine. We are a nation that loves to eat. Food can be a big problem for us when traveling abroad. I wrote down the names of a few restaurants that I can say are delicious and close to the Turkish cuisine I have experienced.

Recommended places to eat in London

1- Vapiano (Pizza – Pasta)

It is one of the best places to go for pizza and pasta, with branches in Turkey and many other parts of the world. It is full of pizza and pasta options to suit your taste…

Address: You can find the address closest to you at uk.vapiano.com or by searching on Google.


2- WOK TO WALK (Noodle)

Although it is not very close to Turkish cuisine, I can guarantee that it is very delicious. Noodles, which are very affordable, are available in a few places in central London. You see how it's done behind the glass. Be sure to try the chicken and egg noodles.

Address: www.woktowalk.com You can find addresses near you on the internet.


3- Nandos (Chicken)

I definitely recommend this place, which has branches almost everywhere in London and is good at chicken.

Address: You can choose your nearest branch from www.nandos.co.uk.

4-My Old Dutch (Kreep-Pankek)

I can say that it is the best address for breakfast or if you want dessert. It's a great place where we go to have pancakes in the morning and pancakes after dinner. It appeals to both your eyes and your stomach.

London is a city that hosts different flavors from all over the world. We will talk about other tastes and flavors in my next article.

If you have eaten at one of these places, share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Bon appetit in advance.

What to Eat in London London Food Guide

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