Sparkling Portraits – The New Trend in Coffee


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A London cafe is taking barista art to a new level by giving customers the chance to sip coffee in their own portraits.

London Cafe Introduces 'Selfieccino' Product – Sparkling Portraits

Tea Terrace, located in the Oxford Street branch of House of Fraser, has launched Europe's first "Selfieccino" service by pressing customers' faces into the foam on top of their drinks

Customers send the barista photos of themselves they want printed in their coffee via an online messaging app, and a choice of a cappuccino or hot chocolate is made as the canvas.

While the drink is placed in its place, the image is loaded into the “Cino” machine. The image is then scanned and copied onto the foam using a tasteless food coloring.

The process takes a total of four minutes to send a photo to the barista, get it ready to be transferred over the foam, and serve the drink. The cost is approximately 25 TL. It is estimated that it will become known to many people in a short time by sharing it via social media before drinking it.

“The dining experience has completely changed because of social media,” said Ehab Salem Shouly, owner of Tea Terrace.

Providing delicious food and great service is no longer enough – it's now also important that the food and drink is Instagram-worthy.

Over 400 personalized drinks have been sold since they launched on Saturday, with the hash tag “Selfieccino” going viral on various social media platforms.

This service is expected to become widespread throughout London in a short time.

Sparkling Portraits – The New Trend in Coffee

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