Benefits of Breast Milk for the Baby


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Being a mother is a miracle in itself. What really makes this miracle a miracle are the changes in the woman's body. The most beautiful of these changes is "breast milk", which connects the baby and the mother. Its content makes breast milk a miracle because it protects the baby and also protects the mother.

There are more than 100 components in breast milk that are not found in the milk of any other living creature.

The Miraculous Content of Breast Milk

This is one of the main reasons that makes breast milk unique and protective. It changes shape according to your baby's needs and growth throughout the time you breastfeed. Breast milk in the first months changes with breast milk in the six months and beyond. When babies are first born, their intestinal flora is common. For this reason, gas problems are very common in babies. However, these problems are less common in breastfed babies.

Breast milk does not tire the baby. Breast milk, which contains less salt and protein than cow's milk, does not tire the baby's kidneys. Breast milk contains more calcium and iron than cow's milk or formula. For this reason, calcium and iron deficiency are less common in breastfed babies. One of the biggest factors of breast milk is that it protects immunity. Thanks to the protective antibodies in breast milk, it protects against diseases such as ear infections and colds.

It has many psychological benefits for both mother and baby, as well as health. Babies who are breastfed bond more quickly to their mothers. Breastfeeding mothers become more bonded to each other thanks to the hormones secreted during breastfeeding, which is very important for the psychological development of the baby in the future.

Benefits of Breast Milk for the Baby

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