Canan's "Behind Mount Qaf" exhibition is available in digital format

Canan's "Behind Mount Qaf" exhibition is available in digital format
Canan's "Behind Mount Qaf" exhibition is available in digital format

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Canan's exhibition titled "Behind Mount Qaf", which took place at Arter between 12 September 2017 and 18 February 2018, was transferred to digital media in three dimensions.

As a result of Arter's collaboration with the Oddviz collective, Canan's exhibition "Behind Mount Qaf", which attracted great attention, was documented in three dimensions using digital imaging techniques.

The photogrammetry technique used by Oddviz while creating the three-dimensional model of the exhibition is based on combining hundreds of photographs of an object taken from different points on the axis of spatial coordinates. The collective, consisting of Çağrı Taşkın, Serkan Kaptan and Erdal İnci, has taken regular shots every week since the day the exhibition opened and combined thousands of photographs in the digital environment, taking into account the spatial connections between the works. The exhibition, which includes two-dimensional works as well as large-scale installations that use space, was documented with the meticulousness of a cartographer.

Many installations created by Canan for this exhibition, who created a mystical, symbolic, surprising and very attractive universe in the exhibition "Behind the Mountain of Qaf", will continue to meet the audience in the digital environment. Taking its title from the legendary Mount Qaf of Arabic and Persian cosmology, the exhibition proposed to read the artist's practice through the concepts of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Canan's new productions, based on dualities such as light/shadow, good/bad, internal/external, reality/dream, light/dark, and dealing with the repressed aspects of the human soul, demons, surreal creatures and archetypes, were spread over three floors of Arter. These three floors can now be navigated by moving the mouse on computers where the links below are displayed. You can tour the digital exhibition with virtual reality (VR) glasses or in full-screen HD settings.

Arter aims to remove the boundaries of time and space by moving the exhibitions it will organize in the future to digital platforms with methods appropriate to their content; It aims to offer alternative ways of accessing its exhibitions to its viewers who do not have the opportunity to visit Arter for various reasons. 

The exhibition can be accessed digitally from the following links:

Floor 0: 

Floor 1:

Floor 2:

Canan's "Behind Mount Qaf" exhibition is available in digital format

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