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Hidden Beaches of the World!

Hidden Beaches of the World!
Hidden Beaches of the World!

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Besides the beaches that are known to everyone in the world and host a lot of tourists, there are also hidden beauties. Here are the hidden beaches listed by Insider Travel. Moreover, there is also a place from Turkey on the list. Here are those 20 secret beaches…

 Photos: Alamy,Insader,hibiscus, VisitVictoria, Mapio.net

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20-Chumphon / Southern Thailand 
Chumphon is a province in Southern Thailand that has managed to remain relatively unused by tourists.

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This unique beach consists of over 40 islands and also offers local fishing villages serving guests.

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19- El Cuco Beach / El Salvador
The unique Playa El Esteron on the east side of El Salvador is preferred for surfing, experiencing its unique rock formations and dazzling beach, and getting away from the crowds of other beaches.

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If you're looking for a quiet vacation, warm waters and a relaxed atmosphere, head to Playa El Esteron. You also have the chance to observe sea turtles…

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18- Anse Georgette / Seychelles 
Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places in the world that has managed to remain untouched. The Anse Georgette beach here stands out with its white sand, unlike the more popular beaches of Anse Lazio or Anse Source. Tourists generally prefer Anse Lazio or Anse Source. Georgette is relatively emptier…

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Seychelles, the indispensable address for a holiday away from stress and trouble, was created for a quiet beach day.

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17- Kujira-jima / Japan 
This island, known as Whale Island by the locals due to its resemblance to a whale, is completely isolated.

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The island offers calm waves and views to visitors with its beach located 30 minutes away from Uno Port in Tamano City; It impresses its visitors with its activities including fishing, canoeing and more.

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16- Panther beach / USA
This beach is located about 10 km north of Santa Cruz. The only way to reach Panther Beach is to walk down a narrow and steep path off the highway.

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A beach that deserves to be discovered awaits you, with impressive waves, cliffs and a perfect golden sandstone arch.

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15- Black Island / Philippines 
This beach features bright, clear waters and towering cliffs against lush greenery.

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There are shelters and floating caves covered with stalagmites on the island. There is also a shipwreck dating back to World War II. This is a great place for those who love snorkeling and underwater exploration.

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14- Nanjizal / England
This natural and extremely secluded beach can only be accessed by about an hour's walk along the paths.

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However, with its impressive nature, sea and view, this beach will instantly make you forget all the stress and trouble you have experienced.

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13- Punta Aderci Abruzzo / Italy
One of Italy's less visited regions, Abruzzo is a smart choice for visitors looking for a beach holiday beyond the Amalfi Coast.

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The beach, which has managed to preserve its natural habitats with sand dunes, meadows and wildflowers, is perfect for those who prefer naturalness.

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12- Gunung Payung Beach / Bali
Located in the south of Bali, this beach is home to sparkling and warm waters. The Hindu temple, which has the same name as the beach, is located on top of a cliff, 300 steps above the beach.

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Gunung Payung Beach offers its visitors a guarantee of safe swimming and waters where you can do activities such as snorkeling.

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11- Playa Mina / Costa Rica
This beach, also called 'Zapatilla', can only be accessed by 4×4 cars. If you are an adrenaline lover, a trip to this beach will give you a special pleasure…

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What you will find at these beaches is sparkling sand, tide pools, bright blue water and solitude.

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10- Africa Likoma Island / Malawi 
Malawi's tiny Likoma Island offers beaches that are often overlooked by safari-interested tourists, found in more popular coastal destinations like Mauritius.

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Surrounded by baobab trees and mango gardens, this isolated seaside resort offers you the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with its views of the Mozambique coast.

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9-Coffee Bay / South Africa
Located in the Eastern Cape, Coffee Bay is famous for its remoteness, nature-filled walking trails, surfing and more.

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8- Hiriketiya Beach / Sri Lanka 
Just a short drive from Tangalle, Hiriketiya Beach is a small bay with great surfing and tropical nature, away from the hustle and bustle common to many beaches in the area.

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This untouched bay is surrounded by lush green coconut trees and has become one of the places flocked by tourists.

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7- Skoutari / Greece 
To get away from the crowds, you should go to the secret beaches of Skoutari. Kalamakia, Skoutari and Agia Varvara are separated by sea cliffs and are the perfect place to forget all your stress.

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Also, if you go here, you should also visit the 10th-century Greek church in Agia Varvara, which bears the name of the beach.

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6- Victoria Kitty Miller / Phillip Island 
This charming beach on the south coast of Phillip Island is a great choice for snorkelers. With its calm waters protected by reefs and cliffs, this beach offers adventurous visitors the chance to see wildlife.

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Kitty Miller Beach is also the site of the SS Speke, a three-masted steel ship that came to rest on the beach in ruins in 1906.

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5- Honohoshi Beach / Japan 
This hidden beach has a rocky coastline that offers its visitors the opportunity to relax and inspires a sense of admiration in its guests.

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Honohoshi Beach has a stunning view with its large, soft round stones and waves.

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4-Don Pedro Island / USA 
This 1.3-kilometer public beach, accessible only by private boat or ferry, is perfect for those looking for a quiet seaside holiday…

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Think turtles, rulers, hawks and more. From mangrove forests to picturesque sandy beaches, you won't get bored of the scenery on Don Pedro Island.

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3-Port des Canonge Mallorca / Spain
This little-known former fishing village awaits visitors who want a quiet day in the sun and are willing to walk along its pebbled shores.

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Surrounded by old stone huts called 'escars', which were once used to store boats, Port des Canonge is a fascinating settlement where you can analyze nature alone.

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2-Anse Coco / Seychelles 
Anse Coco is a half-hour walk from Grand Anse.

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Those who overcome difficult beaches and rocks to find a more beautiful and calm beach in Seychelles will reach the turquoise waters of Anse Coco…

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1-Marmaris Bozukkale Bay / Turkey-
The bay, where you can go on holiday at any time of the year, is especially preferred in spring and summer. You can only reach this fascinating beach in the south of the Bozburun peninsula by boat.

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In addition to the views of the Greek Island of Rhodes, Bozukkale Bay offers visitors both a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and a tour of history.

Hidden Beaches of the World!

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