Tourists are pouring into the village that was abandoned 95 years ago

Tourists are pouring into the village that was abandoned 95 years ago
Tourists are pouring into the village that was abandoned 95 years ago

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Kayaköy, located in Fethiye, Muğla, is also known as the 'ghost village' because it was abandoned 95 years ago. Visitors have the opportunity to travel part of the three thousand year old Lycian Way on camels in the region.

Tourists who want to take a camel tour in Kayaköy, which offers unique views to its visitors, are queuing up.

Anyone from the age of 7 to 70 can ride camels. Short tour costs 20 lira per person, long tour costs 80 lira per person.

Ferhan Seymen, the business manager who organizes the tour, stated that Kayaköy's historical past attracts local and foreign tourists to the region and said:

“Those who want to ride a camel are first told what they need to do. We organize short and long camel tours. In the short tour, they ride the camel for about 200 meters in front of Kayaköy. In the long tour, the village is also introduced and this tour lasts approximately 45 minutes. In the tour, visitors have the opportunity to see the historical Kayaköy and also get promoted. "Camels attract a lot of attention because they are not animals that we can see everywhere."

“We pay most attention to their maintenance.”

Camels are warm country animals. Seymen, on the other hand, explained that Muğla is a warm city and that they do not experience any problems in this regard:

“We pay most attention to their maintenance. The people who do this job have been taking care of camels for 20 years. There are health certificates obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock every year. Controls are very important to us. Camels live here alongside humans. "We put people on camels depending on their weight."

Mainly British tourists come to the region. In addition, the region hosts tourists from many European countries.

54-year-old Robert Armstrong, who came from England for a holiday and participated in the camel tour, said that he rode a camel for the first time and that it was an extremely interesting experience for him:

“Last year, I came here on holiday and took a walk in Kayaköy. This year I traveled with a camel. I enjoyed it more. Kayaköy is featured in the series broadcast on a television channel in England. I saw it there too and said to myself, 'This is a very special place.' “I've been to Turkey before and I love it.”

Source: AA

Tourists are pouring into the village that was abandoned 95 years ago

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