Is Game Addiction a Disease?

Is Game Addiction a Disease?
Is Game Addiction a Disease?

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Doctor Vladimir Poznyak from the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse of the World Health Organization said that psychologists are against including game addiction in mental illnesses, but societies should be very careful about this issue. 

There are 3 symptoms of gaming addiction

According to the news on CNN, Dr. stated that there is a serious difference between playing games and being addicted to games. Poznyak explained 3 features of this difference as follows:

“The first symptom of gaming addiction is that gaming behavior takes precedence over other social activities. The second is the inability to control the desire to play games. The person cannot stop himself from playing the game even if negative situations arise. The third feature is that the person becomes stressed in a certain way and cannot spare time for his personal, social and educational areas. As a result, insomnia, nutritional problems and physical ailments occur. “For this behavior to be considered addiction, it must last at least 12 months.” 

Vladimir Poznyak stated that gaming addiction generally has common features with gambling and substance addiction.

Is Game Addiction a Disease?

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