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Almost all women need to wear make-up to look more beautiful. So, what should we do to look beautiful, which make-up product should we use, which one suits our skin tone and is used correctly? This article will answer many of your questions.

For women who want to be well-groomed and receive attention and admiration from everyone, they will have a completely different appearance when they use the right techniques. At this point, bronzer is a must for makeup. It is especially important for those with round facial features to use it. Bronzer that is not applied correctly will turn orange on the face and cause a mud-like appearance.

You Should Choose a Color That Suits Your Skin

Bronzer The purpose of using it is to highlight facial features and reveal the sunburnt effect. It is important to choose the product that suits your skin tone in order to avoid any problems when using bronzer. For this reason, it is important that the bronzer to be purchased is at least 3-4 shades darker than the skin tone. Especially if you want a glowing and wet skin, this will cause the skin to shine and look more natural. Using a bronzer close to the skin tone will cause it to be unclear and cause fluctuations to appear.

Bronzer brush is important: The brush used is extremely important in order to get the best results when applying. It is beneficial for the bronzer brush to be wide and sparsely bristled. A dense appearance may occur as thick-bristled brushes will transfer the product directly to the face.

Application to High Parts of the Face 

The basic rule of applying bronzer correctly is to choose the high parts of the face. Just like contouring, cheekbones, under the chin and forehead edges are shown as the most suitable places for bronzer.

Applying with light and circular movements will help distribute the product and give more natural results. Bronzer application Increasing the product gradually while doing it helps it to be controlled more easily. Applying it especially to the outer corners of the cheekbones paves the way for striking facial features.

These types of make-up tricks pave the way for women to look more attractive and sexy.

Apply Bronzer Correctly, Be Sexy!

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