Choosing Bronzer According to Skin Color


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If you want to apply bronzer for a radiant skin in the summer months, you can take a look at our article on choosing bronzer according to skin color. Those who ask which bronzer suits your skin tone, go here.

Choosing Bronzer According to Skin Color

If you want to make your face look smaller or create little tricks on your nose and cheeks, all you need to do is find the ideal bronzer. When choosing a bronzer according to your face, you should take into account your skin tanning in the summer as well as the actual tone of your skin. You can create a natural look by using bronzers that are a few shades darker than your own skin tone.

White Skin
If you have white or pale skin, you can choose honey-colored bronzers. Since your undertone is cold, you can also choose peach and pink tones that do not make it orange. You should stay away from products with brown undertones.

Wheat skin
You can apply earth-toned bronzers on wheat-colored skin, which is an intermediate tone. If your skin is light brown, bronzers with golden reflections will be ideal for you. If you have a dark wheatish skin tone, bronzers with copper reflections are suitable for you.

Dark skin
Chocolate tones may be suitable for you. Since your own skin color is dark, be careful when using the product. It may create a dark appearance on your skin.

Be sure to try it when choosing a bronzer for your skin. Just as the foundations used in summer and winter are different, bronzers should also be different. Don't forget to choose the bronzer that best suits your undertone.

Choosing Bronzer According to Skin Color

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