Legendary guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani is coming to Turkey

Legendary guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani is coming to Turkey
Legendary guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani is coming to Turkey

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Istanbul Blue Night, the festival brand that kills the impossible, will leave its mark on the summer of 2018 with the organization of BKM. The concert series, which will bring together important names of rock music with music lovers, starts on July 27 with Joe Satriani, one of the world's most respected guitar virtuosos.

Istanbul Blue Night will once again make the impossible happen with the most unforgettable concerts of summer 2018. In the first of the concert series organized by BKM, Joe Satriani, one of the world's most important guitar virtuosos, will take the stage at KüçükÇiftlik Park on July 27, as part of his world tour following his new album "Beyond the Supernova", released in March 2018. The special guest of Joe Satriani's eagerly awaited stage performance is Pentagram, the well-established representative of Turkish Heavy Metal Music.

Members of Pentagram, the pioneer of metal music in Turkey, who will share the stage with Joe Satriani at KüçükÇiftlik Park on the evening of July 27, expressed their thoughts about Joe Satriani before the concert as follows;

Tarkan Gözübüyük: Satriani treated us with cosmic stories he told without saying a word. He encouraged guitarists to become musicians by exploring the universe of frequencies and vibrations, rather than getting credit for their punk charisma. Those who know him know that no comparison or compliment is enough to describe him.

Metin Turkcan: Satriani is a very valuable musician and a wonderful person who has always inspired me, especially with his melodic solos... It is truly wonderful to share the same stage with him.

Hakan Utangaç: Satriani is an alien who, in addition to being the reason why many people started playing guitar, also influenced the trend of guitarists releasing albums.

Immediately following the Joe Satriani concert, which will provide a unique musical feast for its enthusiasts on the evening of July 27, Istanbul Blue Night will be at KüçükÇiftlik Park; In August, it will host the founder and lead singer of the legendary Oasis band, Liam Galliger, and the British alternative rock band Starsailor, and in September, it will host Imagine Dragons, with the organization BKM.

Legendary guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani is coming to Turkey

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